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Day: July 21, 2017

Grade 5 Symbiosis – 21st July’17

Grade 5 Symbiosis – 21st July’17


A)  Student of the week: Helly Maniya

B)  Get the formative assessment notebook signed by the parents.

C)  Solve the Mixed bag sheet in the Mixed bag notebook. The sheet is shared with you through Google Drive. The sheet has also been uploaded on the Blendspace link, tile – 6.

Blendspace link: bag



Solve the revision worksheet in Math notebook. It will be shared through Google Drive.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

A)  Fill in the well-being log for 21st July.  Also, fill in the details for 22nd and 23rd July over the weekend.

B)  Start preparing displays for the well-being mela. Pen down your burning questions in tUOI notebook.






Dear parents,


Important: Students are handed FRY WORD list. Please use the worksheet to make students learn spellings back at home religiously.


1. Read the article  and identify the following:( Worksheet handed to the students)
 * Main Idea
 * Key idea
 * Summary
And also mark the paragraphs in the article itself using brackets.[ ]
The Key ideas and summary can be done at the back of the paper. (Work neatly)
2. Read a book and write down the book review in your booklet. (book club booklet)
3. Complete the Weekend homework task given on page number 13   in the LWE book itself.
Solve the Math homework sheet given. (Recheck your answers to avoid errors)
Students of the month : Harsh Begani. Hitansh Savani, Devina Jindal and Hitansh Jain.
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Students of the day: Yajat Patel, Raihan Patel and Twishi Ruchandani ( For showcasing the attitude commitment and independence in Math class)
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“Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today.”
– Doe Zantamata.
Fatema Topiwala
Language : Article / Transcript / Report Writing

Language : Article / Transcript / Report Writing

Grade10 – All,G10 Harbinger,G10 Herald,G10 Quintessence
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Jul 26 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Use your notes of the Interview and write a 400-500 word Article / Transcript (in the form of Conversation) / Report in the Google Doc and submit by coming Wednesday – 26th July, 2017.
Expected Time: 35-40 Minutes minutes

Highlights of the day 21st July 2017

Highlights of the day 21st July 2017

Day 6 Friday

Language: The poem ‘The Hot Air Balloon’ by Joanne Hughes was read aloud. Students discussed what the poet might see on looking down from her hot air balloon.


-Solve the worksheets(Language and Math) given.

-Complete Week 2 day 5 and home weekend task in the LD book.

-Revise the 3 body systems done in the class.

Have a lovely weekend!

Keep reading 🙂

Read and fill the book review.

Homework- 21 July, 2017

Homework- 21 July, 2017


Math: Complete the Math worksheet and redo the formative assessment correction in your math notebook.

UOI: Brainstorm ideas for ‘Well-being Mela’ according to your assigned aspect. You can be as creative as you can for demonstrating your aspect.

Fill the details in the Well-Being log for the dates – 21, 22 and 23 July.

Kindness challenge: Day 10

Mixed bag:  Cycle 5


  1. Solve the following:
    1. 5 ⅔ + 6 3/9
    2. 5 2/8 – 4 2/3
    3. 7 3/7 – 2 7/8
  2. Multiply the following:
    1. 3/9 X 1/9
    2. 3/12  X 6/12
    3. 2/8 X 4
  3. Anil says 5 ¾ + 2 ¼ = 7 ½ because 7 4/8 = 7 ½ . Identify his mistake.
  4. Harsha says that to add fractions with different denominators, you always have to multiply the denominators to find the common unit; for example ¼ + ⅙ = 6/24 + 4/24

Show Harsha how she could have chosen a denominator smaller than 24, and solve the problem.

5. Jasmine brought ¾ litre of iced tea to the party. Bimal brought ⅞ litre of iced tea to the same party. Who brought more iced tea and by what fraction?

6. Rita and Kavita made a bowl of lemonade each. Kavita used 5 times more lemon juice than Rita. Rita used ⅘ cup of lemon juice. How many cups of lemon juice did Kavita use?

Source: Engage NY


Change the degree of comparison without changing the meaning and underline the words that show comparison.


  1.  Malacca is the oldest town in Malaysia. (Change to positive and comparative)

Positive –No other town in Malaysia is as old as Malacca.

Comparative- Malacca is older than any other town in Malaysia.

  1.    Peter is cleverer than any other boy in the class. (Change to positive and superlative)
  2.    Jupiter is the biggest of all planets. (Change to comparative and positive)
  3.    Very few boys are as industrious as John. (Change to comparative and superlative)
  4.    India is the largest democracy in the world. (Change to comparative and positive )
  5.    Shakespeare was greater than any other playwright. (Change to positive and superlative )
  6.    Asoka was one of the greatest Indian kings. ( Change to positive and comparative)
  7.    Greenland is the largest island in the world. (Change to positive and comparative)
  8.    Lead is heavier than any other metal. (Change to positive and superlative)
  9.   Very few animals are as useful as the cow. ( Change to comparative and superlative)


Note: Formative assessment books have been sent. Kindly acknowledge by signing the same.

Kindly get your book approved for the BOOK CLUB latest by Monday.(ignore if already done)

Keep Reading!!Have a great weekend.

LEAP Activity using Thinker Key

LEAP Activity using Thinker Key

Dear parents,

The students were introduced to the ‘THINKER KEYS’ in the LEAP session over a period of 2 cycles.
The thinker’s keys are a range of question starters developed by Tony Ryan, which are a set of twenty different activities designed to engage and motivate learners in a range of thinking tasks to broaden and deepen their thinking.
This  helped them to enhance their learning of the unit ‘Energy’ through various keys like:
1. What if key– What if we had no electricity?
2. The disadvantage key- List 5 disadvantages of using non-renewable sources of energy to generate electricity and ways to improve the use of energy sources to generate electric energy.
3. The prediction key- Predict which source of energy will be left after 20 years.

4. The Brainstorming key- 
Brainstorm various sustainable practices you can follow to become a responsible eco-friendly citizen.
Students were given chance to share their responses in groups as well as individual depending on the activity conducted in the class.
Highlights of the week 17th July- 21st July

Highlights of the week 17th July- 21st July

Chapter 5 – My Fluffy Cat from the reference book Empowering English was completed.
Dictation was given.
Read aloud was conducted in the class.

Students learned to write expanded form of the numbers.
Students were introduced to the number ‘Two hundred’ using the place value kit.

[Unit of inquiry]

Read aloud was conducted.

Dictation for the following words will be conducted on Friday, 28/7/17 July 2017.

Language :
1. ) Complete Q. 2 & 3, given on pg. 23 of Chapter 5 ‘My fluffy cat’ from EE book.
2. ) Complete Weekend home task given on pg. 5 from Language with Ease book.
Solve the given math worksheet.