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Day: July 24, 2017

Announcement For The Selection Of SGFI Roller Speed Skating Competition 2017

Announcement For The Selection Of SGFI Roller Speed Skating Competition 2017

The School Games (S.G.F.I) Roller speed skating tournament is on 4th Aug 2017 at P.P. Savani School, Abrama, Surat.
The selection process for the same is scheduled during their respective PS classes from 25th to 31st July.

The selection will be timing based (300mtrs time trial).
Interested students need to bring their own skates and meet Asif sir at the skating rink for the same. In case it is raining during the PS class then please meet at the assembly area.

Note: Competition is only for the Quad and Inline category for both boys and girls. Age groups are Under 11(grade 1-5) & Under 19 (grade 11-12) only.

Student and parent Life classes 2017-18

Student and parent Life classes 2017-18

Dear Parents and students,

We are pleased to announce the first Student and Parent Life class of the academic year 2017-18 on July 29th, 2017.

Life classes is a platform where the school and parents join hands to understand the journey of teenage years and the struggles associated with it.

The day will be filled with activities that will make this interaction fun and engaging. We look forward to your support and participation.

You are requested to reach school at 7:45 am by your own transport, we encourage you to pool cars keeping in mind the environment and parking space at the school.

Attendance on this day is mandatory for parents and students. Parents who are unable to come due to any important work should intimate the respective mentor teachers. In this case, the students should also not attend school and will be marked absent.

Details of the event:

Date: July 29th, 2017

Venue: respective classrooms


7:45 am: Arrival at school and breakfast

08:00 -10:10 – Life class (Session 1)

10:10-10:20– Tea/Coffee Break

10:20-12:00- Life Class (Session 2)

12:00-12:30- Brunch

Please note as GRADE 11 will have their PTM and Career counselling session on the same day. Therefore, they are requested to stayback till 2:30 and park their vehicles near Jungle Gym Area.

The session will be taken by Ms.Iris Maderia.  The session will cover the following points and will attempt to address all your queries.

  • How to choose IB Subjects with regards to different country’s expectations.
  • Recognition of IB in India for professional and non-professional Degree program programs
  • What our Counselling Service will encompass
  • Test Schedules US, UK, India



Fountainhead School.

Highlights of the Cycle 5 – 14th July to 21st July 2017

Highlights of the Cycle 5 – 14th July to 21st July 2017

The cycle commenced with the Parent-teacher interaction meeting which was scheduled along with the goal setting for this term. The teacher discussed some noteworthy points about students with their parents in order to understand the children better.


Students formed questions based on their learning about Governance and then categorized them under open-ended and close ended questions. Later, they were asked to identify the corresponding key concept for each of the open-ended questions and classify them under Form, Function and Responsibility key concepts. Rest of the questions were termed as their personal inquiry questions. Once the key concept questions were made, students were asked to form lines of inquiry for each of the above mentioned key concepts. They then made connections of Governance with several organizations which they come across in daily life, for example, an office, school, a company, city, family etc. Relating the concept of Governance to something which seemed reachable to them, learners started researching about our school’s structure and function with respect to human resources. They conducted primary as well as secondary research in order to understand the school’s way of organizing and managing people.


Students were introduced to the concept of BODMAS and its importance in solving equations having multiple mathematical operations. They practiced several worksheets on applying BODMAS on whole numbers as well as fractional numbers and decimals.


The language cycle started with students getting to know how to pronounce names of some Greek gods, goddesses, places, mythical creatures etc. Some mythical stories were discussed with them in the class so as to make the learners understand the evolution of expressions like Herculean efforts, Icarian, To play a Cupid, Labyrinth etc and their role in portraying an idea or feeling. The chapter ‘The fall of Icarus’ from the book ‘Empowering English’ was read in the classroom which was followed by the discussion of post-reading questions and different language tasks listed at the end of the chapter.

LEAP -Visible Thinking-

LEAP -Visible Thinking-

A routine for organizing understanding of a topic through concept mapping

(This session was conducted in continuation with the previous session)
The learners were given a topic ‘School’ and they had to generate ideas on it as homework.
In class, they sorted their ideas and placed them under different headings like events, food, sports and activities, areas and rooms, store, etc  and showed a connection between them. Finally they elaborated their thoughts and noted them.


Math Studies SL: Worksheet on Arithmetic Sequence

Math Studies SL: Worksheet on Arithmetic Sequence

Grade11 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Tue Jul 25 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Students are expected to solve the worksheet on Arithmetic sequence given in class today. First page must be solved as a homework and second page is optional.
Expected Time: 40 minutes

Life class for Grade 5- A Milestone Towards Socio-Emotional Development

Life class for Grade 5- A Milestone Towards Socio-Emotional Development

We at FOUNTAINHEAD SCHOOL truly believe and propagate the idea that IQ and EQ go hand in hand. In alignment with the IB mission statement, we believe that only by nurturing students’ socio-emotional development can we attain their holistic development.

As per the education board, there is a fixed curriculum to cater to the students’ socio-emotional needs. The activities are age appropriate and contextual. The purpose of this curriculum is to sensitize the children of that particular age group to topics like bullying, gender stereotype and so on. We cannot deny that in this rapidly changing world, our children do get exposed to all of this. Up till now, we were delivering this curriculum either in integration with our units or in tiny homeroom sessions. However, as educators, we felt that instead of these intermittent sessions, an entire day immersed in these topics would make a greater impact.

With this aim in mind, Grade 5 has initiated Life Classes for its students. Our purpose is not only to sensitize but also to empower our children to accept, handle and express their emotions in an acceptable manner. The session will give our students an exposure to these skills in an interactive manner.

The first session of Life class is on 1st August, 2017(a regular working day), and attendance is compulsory for all students.