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Day: July 26, 2017



Dear Parents and students,

We are pleased to announce the first Student and Parent Life class of the academic year 2017-18 on July 29th, 2017.

Life classes is a platform where the school and parents join hands to understand the journey of teenage years and the struggles associated with it.

The day will be filled with activities that will make this interaction fun and engaging. We look forward to your support and participation.

You are requested to reach school at 7:45 am by your own transport, we encourage you to pool cars keeping in mind the environment and parking space at the school.

Attendance on this day is mandatory for parents and students. Parents who are unable to come due to any important work should intimate the respective mentor teachers. In this case, the students should also not attend school and will be marked absent.

Details of the event:

Date: July 29th, 2017

Venue: respective classrooms


7:45 am: Arrival at school and breakfast

08:00 -10:10 – Life class (Session 1)

10:10-10:20– Tea/Coffee Break

10:20-12:00- Life Class (Session 2)

12:00-12:30- Brunch

Please note as GRADE 11 will have their PTM and Career counselling session on the same day. Therefore, they are requested to stayback till 2:30 and park their vehicles near Jungle Gym Area.

The session will be taken by Ms.Iris Maderia.  The session will cover the following points and will attempt to address all your queries.

  • How to choose IB Subjects with regards to different country’s expectations.
  • Recognition of IB in India for professional and non-professional Degree program programs
  • What our Counselling Service will encompass
  • Test Schedules US, UK, India



Fountainhead School.


Highlights of 26th July (Day 3)

Highlights of 26th July (Day 3)


The task ‘My Trip to Outer Space’ given on page no. 52 of Empowering English was discussed in the class. Oral work given at the end of the chapter was also taken up.


Students solved word problems based on capacity.


Teacher along with the learners made connections between the different body systems reinforcing the related key concepts (interdependence,system,role,choices) and the second LOI (How body systems are interdependent.)

Highlights of the day – 26-7-2017

Highlights of the day – 26-7-2017

  • Math :

    Students  were introduced to the concept of measuring capacity using a graduated beaker. They learnt that the standard unit for measuring capacity is liters (l) and milliliters (ml) and also that 1,000 ml = 1 l

  • UOI:

    Students have been tuned into another body system (Respiratory system) through a video/ PE activity.

  • Language:

    The poem ‘Travel Times’ was read and the answers to the questions were discussed orally.

  • Homework: 

Refer the common blog for Gujarati and Hindi homework.

Highlights – 26th July, 2017

Highlights – 26th July, 2017

Day 3


Students have been tuned into “The Respiratory System”  through a PE engagement. Further in depth discussion of the respiratory system was taken up in the class and student inquiries were resolved.

Math: Learners solved a worksheet based on capacity.Later, they solved real life problems related to measuring capacity.


Refer the common blog for Gujarati and Hindi homework.

Happy Reading 🙂

Tale Talkies!- Story telling marathon for children

Tale Talkies!- Story telling marathon for children

Dear Parent,

Tap In dance lounge is organising a storytelling session for the young kids of Surat. The session will be conducted by Ms. Geeta Ramanujam who has trained over 80,000 people and performed for an audience of over 5 lakh. Along with sessions for children, there is also a workshop for parents. Geeta Ramanujam is a wonderful story teller and it will be an excellent learning opportunity to learn the art of story telling from her.

The sessions will be conducted on Sunday, 30th July, 2017.

Venue: Mukhbir Vikas Trust, Deaf and Dumb School, Parle Point, Surat.

Tall Tales: (6-11 years)

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Fee:  Rs. 750/-

Small Tales: (3-5 years)

Time: 10:45 am – 11:45 am

Fee: Rs. 650/-

(Parent/Nanny can accompany the child. No extra cost will be levied for that.)

Parent Workshop:

Time: 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm

Fee: Rs.1000/-

PS: If you register your child for this workshop, please mention that the child is from Fountainhead School and you have received this information through the school blog.

For Registration, please contact: 
Tap In dance lounge
M – 13/14, Shubh-Laxmi Complex, Besides Agra Sweets, Citylight Road, Surat
Time: 3PM-7PM

For more details please contact:

Afee – 9819288726

Sonam – 8980141451.


Fountainhead School


Grade 6 Highlights and Homework

Grade 6 Highlights and Homework

कक्षाकार्य –

1) कक्षा में अभ्यास पुस्तक का पेज न. 8 एवं 9 करवाए गए |

२) Formative Assessment लिया गया |


1) अभ्यास पुस्तक के पेज न. 10 पर दिए हुए अभ्यास कार्य को हल करें |

२) नीचे दी गई link से कहानी पढ़े | वाचन रिकॉर्ड (Reading Log ) भरें |

Note :-

1) कठिन शब्दों का श्रुतलेखन कक्षा में लिया जाएगा |

2) लिखते समय सही वर्तनी (Spellings ) का विशेष ध्यान रखें |

3)गृहकार्य पूरा करके गुरुवार को बुक कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |