Gr.3 Music – The morning song.

Gr.3 Music – The morning song.

Dear students,

Sharing the song taught in the unit of ‘Genre’ for practice at home.

Morning song ( I greet the day )

I greet the day, the new born day

with all it holds in store……. ( 2 times)

Its joys and sorrows yet unknown

My soul wants to explore ……

Music ….

Stanza  1

Sleep took me to the world of stars

Their strength lives now in me…….( 2 times)

Within the new born world of day

I want to grow and be…….


Music ….

Stanza  2


The wonders that surround me yield    

Their secrets to my will……( 2 times)

When I in reverence learn to use

My senses and my skill

Music ….

Stanza  3

In hearts and sun in stars of night

The power of God holds sway….( 2 times)

With Him and through Him I will grow

Into the new born day



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