Product Design | Parent support required for creating the Chromebook sleeve

Product Design | Parent support required for creating the Chromebook sleeve

Dear Parents,

For the summative assessment of the current unit in Product Design students are designing a personalized sleeve for their Chromebook. They have completed the first 2 steps of process of designing the sleeve. Wherein they analysed the existing Chromebook sleeves and conducted primary research for understanding the preferences of children from the same age group. And based on these findings they created different design ideas of how their personalized sleeve should look like.

As a product designer they are ready with their final design and now it’s time for them to turn their creative ideas into reality for which they need your support. In order to do so you will have to take your ward to buy required materials and get it stitched by a tailor (preferably someone who can sew a bag/laptop cover). There your child will explain his/her design to the tailor. It is preferable if students carry a notebook and a pen along with them so that if at all the tailor suggests any changes in their design which are a must then they will note them as they are required to present the changes made in the design with a valid reason.

A list of possible fabrics which can be used for making the sleeve and other important details are already shared with the students on Google classroom. All the students are expected to get the finished Chromebook sleeve by 24th August 2017.

Seeking your support!



Khushboo Sheth

Senior school Product Design teacher

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