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Day: August 15, 2017

Reminder of Nurture Science fair

Reminder of Nurture Science fair

Dear Students,
                                            At Nurture Eco-Adventure, We are passionate about bringing out the best in people. Special team building events, adventure activities, leadership development.Nurture Eco- Adventure Club Organizes Science Fair in which students are supposed to perform Experiment From their own Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ESS)textbook or Prescribed in Syllabus.The competition will be a live demonstration of Science experiment by individual or group of 2,3,4.From Each grade, three students will take part in inter school competition.As a part of a selection, Interested students have to perform an experiment in the school on 16th August 2017 in HRM Slot (2:17 pm-3:07 pm). Criteria for Selection is as under:

Nurture Science Fair Criteria

Presentation of Experiment         [5]

Description of Experiment        [5]

Conclusion     [2]

Viva   [3]

  • Set up of the experiment

  • Hypothesis

  • Utilisation of the concept in  real life

  • Environmental concerns/global impact

  • Safety measures

  • Principle of Experiment

  • Working

  • Variable

  • Observations

  • Observation table

  • Processed data

  • Result

  • Accuracy

  • Confident

This Competition is open to students of Grade 9 to 12.Participants will get participation certificate from “Nurture -The Eco Adventure Club”.Winners will be awarded certificate and awards.
 Link to form for registration:
Last date of registration: 15th August 2017.
Fountainhead School.
Grade 7_ All Sections_ Collage Competition on 16 August

Grade 7_ All Sections_ Collage Competition on 16 August

Dear Students and Parents,

Please take note that tomorrow (16 August) , we have House wise Collage Competition for Grade 7.

Students are requested to bring few newspapers and magazines (Non Bollywood/ Films) from their end and some shall be provided from School.

Chart Papers, scissors and glue stick will be provided to each Group.

The Theme for the Competition is: Independence, Patriotism, Freedom.

It will be held in the Assembly slot: 2.15-2.50 PM.

Required materials need to be cut and pasted in Class.

For more queries/concerns, please mail to :


Team Humanities.

Independence Day Celebration !

Independence Day Celebration !

G 1 Students enthusiastically participated in a fancy dress event on the occasion of independence day celebration today. They also had an opportunity to speak 2-3 lines about the freedom fighter chosen by them.

Here are the glimpses of the same.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Janmashtami.. 🙂



Roma Bhesania 🙂