Highlights of the day 17-08-2017

Highlights of the day 17-08-2017


  • Students were introduced to the central Idea of the new unit under the TDT – How we express ourselves through an activity.

Life class:

  • Sexuality Education was covered in the class through a discussion of a case study and later on the students watched the video on the same.


  • Complete the given worksheet.
  • Solve the following word problems: (do not copy the questions)
  1. An oil dispenser can hold 750 ml of oil. If 375 ml of oil is used. How much oil is left in the dispenser?
  2. Priya wants to fence the park in front of her house on three sides, which measures 152 m, 205 m and 310 m. Find the total length that is to be fenced.
  3. Jiya rode 285 meters on her bike. Her sister Sia rode 300 meters on her bike. Who rode the farthest and how much farther did they ride?  (Challenging)


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