Highlights of the day 17th August,2017

Highlights of the day 17th August,2017

Thursday, Day 2.


Students unpacked the central idea by brainstorming on the word ‘Exploration’.


Students derived the relationship between units of measurement and solved few sums based on that


‘The Selfish Giant’ from the Empowering English was done.



If you were an explorer, what would you explore and why?


Solve the following:

a) 25 litres = ____ ml

b) 12 litres = ____ ml

c) 6 kg= ___ mg

d) 40 kg = ___ g

e)2 kg = ____ g

f) 21 litres 500 ml = ___ ml

g) 5 km 400 m = _______m


Students will visualize in their mind and infer atleast 3 figurative interpretation for each of the following by jotting it down in the EE notebook:

  1. “Colours”:  red, blue, green, white, black, gold, pink and brown
  2. “Seasons”: summer, winter, autumn, spring

E.g.: Yellow colour symbolizes happiness, sunny weather, jaundice

Monsoon: gloomy, green

Keep reading, keep growing.


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