‘Homework – 18th Aug.2017’

‘Homework – 18th Aug.2017’

Day 6, Friday.

(A) Comprehension:

A Bad Day

Citation: https://www.missdecarbo.com/differentiated-instruction-for-making/

Niel spent all day on his picture of art.  He could not wait to give it to Miss.Bhatt, the new art teacher. He put his picture in the room and went out to play. When Niel came back inside, he saw his little sister come out of his room. She was holding a crayon. Neil’s eye got wide. He rushed into his room. His picture was ruined! Niel yelled at his sister. His face was red. He stormed out of the room to tell mom.

Answer the following in your writing notebook:

1.What did Niel’s sister do?

2.How does Niel feel?[ Support your answer using text clues from the text]

3.What can you infer from this story?


(B) Create Phrases on the following: [Writing notebook]

  • Adjectival phrase using the word Uncle : (Example- The breathtaking happy bride.)
  • Prepositional phase using the word mountain: (Example- near the sea.)
  • Adverbial phrase using the word Eating: (Example- an immensely beautiful )


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Log onto the link mentioned below. Watch the video on “Marco Polo” and answer the questions on the same in the quiz section on the link page.




a) Solve the questions in your Math notebook : (slide 16)


b) Practice conversion of units (slide 10 – 15)


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