Glimpse of music class

Glimpse of music class

Dear parent,

Students are learning the pentatonic scale in UOI notation system. In which they are learning “saragam” of Raga Durga. Students are also learning synchronization in which they have to sing by showing action of taal syllable, on hand.

Students also learnt some new terms/vocabulary and signs of the Indian traditional notation system such as Sthayi, Antara, Aakar, Pentatonic scale-odav odav gate, forget shower, etc. Students also reflected on their understanding by answering the questions in their reflection booklet. During the integration with signs and symbols students explored and gained knowledge of “Rhythmic ostinato”( Non traditional notation system). Students enjoyed playing instruments during this learning engagement.

Students are showing enthusiasm to learn indian classical music.

Note: Kindly go through the blog post regularly and encourage your child to practice the Saragam at home. Sharing some glimpses of music class.


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