Instructions about Science Event (Science Party)

Instructions about Science Event (Science Party)

Dear students,

As per the briefing done today, for the upcoming science event(Science Party), find the instructions to be followed below:

  1. Your topic should be finalized by upcoming Thursday, 24th August,2017; if you want to change from that given to you.
  2. Groups won’t be changed as they are based on roll numbers.
  3. All the group members are expected to participate equally in preparation as well as presentation of the project.
  4. Your project will include a working model, charts/google presentation explaining scientific phenomena of your project and safety measures based on the kind of project assigned. School trousers will be compulsory for all the students on the day of event.
  5. Your project with all required resources for the day of event should be submitted by 5th September, 2017, which shall be preserved in the school till the event date and given to you on event day for set-up and presentation.
  6. You will not be provided with any resources from school as well as no specific time will be allotted for project preparation. For exceptional cases where resources are hard to find outside maybe taken into consideration.

For any project or topic related doubts, you can approach the following teachers allotted section-wise:

Ardour Radha P.
Elan Kesha Bookseller
Exuberance Richa Juneja
Verve Amreen Khan
Vivacity Richa Juneja
Zest Kesha Bookseller
Zing Radha P.

Find your topic list and group below:

A Transpiration in flowers
B Submarine/Boat- Buoyancy
C Density tower-Fractional distillation
D Making of bioplastic with easily available ingredients & check it’s decomposition in soil
E Sulfuric acid + sugar cubes: To demonstrate the dehydrating power of concentrated sulfuric acid as well as the composition of sugar in terms of its elements.
F Sugar+baking soda on sand
G Oobleck
H Application of levers- such as see-saw, door, wheelbarrow, crowbar, nutcrackers,tweezers,tongs
I Music in glass
J Rocket with Vinegar+baking soda
K Denaturing proteins
L Solar Energy model


Name Section House Group Name Topics
Aahan Saurabh Patel Elan Integrity EL-1 A
Aditya Mukesh Agarwal Elan Unity
Ansh Denish Modi Elan Integrity
Eva Hetal Patel Elan Dignity EL-2 C
Keshav Kanaiya Asawa Elan Dignity
Krish Nitinbhai Kakadiya Elan Unity
Krish Vinod Patel Elan Liberty EL-3 E
Krishna Dipesh Dalal Elan Dignity
Maan Jitendra Rathod Elan Unity
Priyansh Amit Choraria Elan Unity EL-4 F
Samiksha Nitin Bagadia Elan Dignity
Talha Zakariya Jariwala Elan Liberty
Tanisha Naushad Lakhani Elan Liberty EL-5 D
Urja Sandip Shah Elan Dignity
Viha Yogesh Shah Elan Liberty
Yash M Bhimsariya Elan Integrity
Aarav Harsh Patel Exuberance Unity EX-1 D
Arjun Hiren Kapasia Exuberance Liberty
Brinda Chirag Laddha Exuberance Dignity
Devanshu Rajesh Vekariya Exuberance Dignity EX-2 E
Divyansh Vishnu Vakharia Exuberance Liberty
Kahan Jesal Choksi Exuberance Dignity
Krish Hemal Jhaveri Exuberance Integrity EX-3 F
Kush Lalit Nandwani Exuberance Integrity
Navya Sandeep Dawer Exuberance Unity
Nimit Amit Agarwal Exuberance Liberty EX-4 A
Pearl Anil Sojitra Exuberance Integrity
Puneet Manish Jajoo Exuberance Integrity
Rachit Ganesh Goenka Exuberance EX-5 C
Sarah Samir Modi Exuberance Unity
Sidhaant Parimal Fudhanawala Exuberance Dignity
Vanshika Chirag Modi Exuberance Integrity EX-6 B
Visam Nadir Virani Exuberance Integrity
Yash Mayank Lala Exuberance Integrity
Aditya Sumant Jalan Verve Integrity VE-1 B
Anant Sanjay Sarawagi Verve Liberty
Arham Bikash Jain Verve Liberty
Diya Dhaval Jariwala Verve Dignity VE-2 A
Garvi Bimal Shah Verve Liberty
Hardik Jitesh Adnani Verve Dignity
Hiyaa Aakash Marfatia Verve Unity VE-3 E
Krisha Sanjay Arora Verve Unity
Miraj Ashish Desai Verve Unity
Mohak Sanjay Agrawal Verve Liberty VE-4 C
Nishit Deveshbhai Mehta Verve Integrity
Rachit Pinkal Jariwala Verve Dignity
Rahul Bankim Patel Verve Liberty
Reyansh Kalpesh Sanghvi Verve Liberty VE-5 D
Simran Jignesh Khatiwala Verve Liberty
Uday Viral Turakhia Verve Integrity
Zeal Parag Modi Verve Dignity
Akshit Rajesh Nigania Vivacity Liberty VI -1 F
Archit Rahul Agarwal Vivacity Unity
Arinn Shaymal Choksi Vivacity Liberty
Devam Jignesh Kachiwala Vivacity Unity VI -2 A
Dipit Manish Golechha Vivacity Integrity
Gurleenkaur Balvinder Virdi Vivacity Integrity
Krish Kalpesh Kantharia Vivacity Unity VI -3 D
Krish Mahendra Gadara Vivacity Unity
Mohit Snehal Pachchigar Vivacity Unity
Mufaddal Abbas Shaikhmahmood Vivacity Liberty VI -4 C
Nidhi Rishi Grover Vivacity Integrity
Nishka Manoj Desai Vivacity Unity
Prisha Ashish Tak Vivacity Integrity VI -5 E
Raina Manish Tamakuwala Vivacity Unity
Rishika Suresh Jain Vivacity Integrity
Shreyansh Anup Agrawal Vivacity Integrity VI -6 B
Swayam Rishi Chopra Vivacity Dignity
Vatsal Praveen Agarwal Vivacity Integrity
Aman Salim Khetani Ardour Liberty AR -1 K
Anushka Gautam Karwa Ardour Dignity
Ayan Anish Ratnani Ardour Liberty
Diya Sandeep Goyal Ardour Integrity AR -2 J
Heily Vimal Chhatiawala Ardour Integrity
Khushi Jigar Valani Ardour Liberty
Manas Ajit Jariwala Ardour Dignity AR -3 I
Megh Ankit Shah Ardour Integrity
Mudit Pankaj Bisani Ardour Unity
Saaraa Amit Aggarwal Ardour Dignity AR -4 L
Saniya Sahebali Panjwani Ardour Unity
Udhav Ravikant Kothari Ardour Unity
Ujjwal Raj Kumar Bansal Ardour Unity AR -5 G
Vansh Ajay Agarwal Ardour Dignity
Vigyat Brijmohan Pansari Ardour Dignity
Yash Darshan Kothari Ardour Dignity AR -6 H
Yug Vipul Nakrani Ardour Unity
Zeel Mukesh Patel Ardour Integrity
Aakash Vineet Khemka Zest Dignity ZE- 1 H
Aangi Abhay Sanghavi Zest Dignity
Hriday Devendra Jain Zest Unity
Jessica Ghanshayam Ardeshana Zest Unity ZE -2 K
Kanhav Sanjay Todi Zest Liberty
Khushi Tejas Desai Zest Unity
Krish Kamlesh Patel Zest Unity ZE -3 L
Nishtha Vikas Jain Zest Liberty
Om Ramesh Mangukiya Zest Unity
Pathey Vishwajit Mehta Zest Dignity ZE -4 G
Prachet Vishal Sinha Zest Dignity
Purab Rajesh Mendiratta Zest Unity
Saumya Snehal Shah Zest Dignity
Shaurya Vimal Poddar Zest Unity ZE -5 I
Shrey Pramod Deokar Zest Dignity
Sneha Sanjay Daswani Zest Liberty
Viva Vipul Davariya Zest Integrity
Aarav Peenal Thakkar Zing Liberty ZI -1 H
Anant Sanjay Upadhyay Zing Integrity
Arsh Jayesh Akbari Zing Unity
Dayaan Rajul Jain Zing Unity ZI -2 J
Divyansh Anil Mendiratta Zing Integrity
Heer Niraj Viradiya Zing Liberty
Helly Hina Sheth Zing Unity ZI -3 G
Luv Vikram Patel Zing Unity
Manav Ravi Shah Zing Integrity
Naman Manoj Bindal Zing Integrity ZI -4 K
Prachi Pankaj Roongta Zing Unity
Prasham Vinay Dhupia Zing Dignity
Reet Lokesh Bapna Zing Liberty ZI -5 I
Rhythm Sanjay Patel Zing Dignity
Sanuj Samir Sanghvi Zing Dignity
Siddharth Satyaveer Singh Zing Liberty ZI -6 L
Stuti Amit Virani Zing Liberty
Yash Ishwar Krishnani Zing Integrity


MYP Science Team

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