Science Event (Science Party)

Science Event (Science Party)

Dear Students,


As many of you have experienced and shouldered the responsibility of supporting various school events in the previous year, we bring to you this opportunity wherein you can participate and take a step further towards polishing your Collaboration, SelfManagement and Organization Skills.


The event is called Science Party, which will be held on 11th September from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. It also includes set up and wrap up time for  the working models. The event shall be on display for 2 hours. Students from other grades and teachers will be the audience. Students will perform different experiments which exhibit their knowledge of science in a fun way. The tasks will cater to the Learning Objective D of MYP Sciences that is Reflecting on the Impacts of Science. The topics and instructions for which are shared with the students in school and through a blog post. Students will be given anecdotal comments for their performance.


The school expects high quality of execution and dedication- which is only possible if you are ready to take up this challenge with commitment and willingness to learn!


Hence, calling all the learners  to take up this great opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn.


In case a student is not able to remain present on the event, a Daily Diary note is mandatory to be sent by the parent prior the event. Student can work in collaboration with the group members during preparation for the days when  he or she is present.

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