Grade 1 LEAP session

Grade 1 LEAP session

Racing car

Grade 1 students played the “Racing Car” board game which is a number game and caters to the number strand  (greater than & lesser than numbers)in LEAp session.

Students  were put in 5 groups of four each. Each group was given a “Racing car” board ,four different coloured counters and number cards.Amongst the group, each learner had to pick up 1 card.Then they had to  show and compare their cards.The student with greatest number card had  to move his /her counter on the board.They kept playing till one of them reached the finishing point and won the game.

Most of them  were confidently reflecting on their knowledge of place value by identifying the greatest number , smallest number and they also demonstrated social skills by playing this game in groups.Students enjoyed the game and all of them wanted to be winners.


Jayeeta chakraborty

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