Homework for the weekend!!!

Homework for the weekend!!!


Students have to complete the homework in Math notebook:

1. During summer season, an ice cream van- driver sold 6,489 Popsicles and 1,592 ice-cream cones. How many treats did the driver sell in all?
2. In a school there are 5480 boys and 4291 girls. What is the total number of students in the school?
3. Write backward numbers: 7890 to 7865.
4. Addition:
7234+2343,     6781+2489,       7891+1400,        3141+2901



Language with Ease – Complete exercises till weekend home task of Week-4.
Empowering English -Match the following, Make new words, Base words and Punctuate, given on pg. no. 35 and 36   (To be done in the book itself)
Sagarkanya and Bhumika Jain
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