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Day: August 29, 2017

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Grade12 – All
Level: SL
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Wed Sep 06 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Entire Calculus which includes Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus.
Details: Learners are not permitted to use GDC for this Summative Assessment.
Total Marks: 50.
Duration :50 minutes.
Duration: 50 Minutes. minutes

Math : Ratios Textbook Exercise

Math : Ratios Textbook Exercise

Grade8 – G8 Zest
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Thu Aug 31 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Complete exercise 3G.1 from Haese and Harris textbook in your math notebook with necessary steps.

Note – Kindly cross-check your answers as well without fail.
Expected Time: 20 minutes



Dear parents and students,

Please find below the details of the syllabus of International Mathematics – Core (0607) for the 1st Term examination of 2017-2018.

Topics Included:

Year 2 Topics:

1) Probability
2) Statistics
3) Functions

Year 1 topics:

4) Set Theory (from Grade- 9 curriculum)
5) Quadratic Equations (from Grade- 9 curriculum)
6) Sequences (from Grade- 9 curriculum)
7) Trigonometry & Bearings (from Grade- 9 curriculum)
8) Circle Theorem (from Grade- 9 curriculum)

Note: Apart from your Haese and Harris publication book, you can practice/solve questions from past year papers of IGCSE. There will be 3 papers in International Mathematics – Core exam:

1. Paper 1 – 45 minutes

Short response questions.
No calculators are permitted.
Designed to assess knowledge and use of basic skills and methods.
Any part of the syllabus content may be present in this paper but questions will focus on concepts which can be assessed without access to a calculator.
40 marks: 25% of assessment

2. Paper 3 – 1 hour 45 minutes

11–15 medium to extended response questions.
A graphics calculator is required.
Any area of the syllabus may be assessed.
Some of the questions will particularly assess the use of the graphics calculator functions described on Page 9 in syllabus guide.
96 marks: 60% of assessment

3. Paper 5 – 1 hour

One investigation question.
A graphics calculator is required.
Any area of the syllabus may be assessed.
Candidates are assessed on their ability to investigate and solve a more open-ended problem.
Clear communication and full reasoning are especially important and mark schemes reflect this.
The time allowance given for this paper allows students to explore and communicate their ideas fully.
24 marks: 15% of assessment

Total marks: 160 marks: 100% of assessment

Other points to be noted:
All the instructions will be available on the cover page of the question booklet. Please read those instructions before attempting the paper.
Entire paper is to be written in the space provided in question booklet. No additional graphs or supplementary will be provided.
Formula list will be provided in the question paper of Paper – 1 and Paper – 3.
All the resources related to graph needs to be carried by you. Sharing of GDC/any resources during the examination will not be allowed.

Thanks and Regards,
Grade – 10 Math Team.

Integrated Humanities : Human Rights

Integrated Humanities : Human Rights

Grade7 – G7 Perspicacity
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Aug 30 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Dear Students,

Refer to the video link below and answer the questions in your IH notebook.

Ishmael Beah: Story of a Survivor

Link :

Links :
How Joseph Kony brainwashes Child Soldiers:

Who is Joseph Kony:

a) Where is Ishmael from? Where is that located in the map?
b) How old was he then?
c) What happened? What forced him to be a soldier?
c) What was it like for him to be soldier? How did he feel?
d) What are the Human Right Violation that you could encounter from the video?
e) Do you think this history of what has happened to Ishmael can happen with any other child?
f) What measures can we take to ensure this doesn’t happen?

1. How does Kony brainwash these abducted children and create a fear of escape in them?
2. How does Kony spread lies about spiritual mysticism amongst his young recruits?
3. How does he influence the child soldiers to fight for the LRA?

Expected Time: 40 minutes

Integrated Humanities : Specialisation and Trade

Integrated Humanities : Specialisation and Trade

Grade8 – G8 Elan,G8 Vivacity
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Aug 30 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: 1. What is specialization? Support your answer by giving three examples of countries that have specialized in specific goods (one from each of these categories: food, manufacturing, and others, refer to the specialization maps and the other examples shared)

2. What according to you could be the reasons why the countries mentioned in the examples have specialized? In other words, mention the reasons for a country’s comparative advantage.

Expected Time: 30 Mins minutes

Recap of the day – 29th August, 2017

Recap of the day – 29th August, 2017

Day 6, Tuesday

Math: Students compared  5 digit numbers by putting the appropriate sign (‘<’, ‘>’ or ‘=’). They also practiced arranging numbers in ascending and descending order.

Language: A detailed discussion on ‘Bullying and bad behavior’ was conducted in class after the students, in groups, enacted the case studies given to them. The session was integrated with Life class. Later, formative assessment was conducted.

Book review was conducted.



Q 1) Read and arrange the numbers in ascending order:
a)     50,554;  50,520;  50,543;  50,533

Q 2) Read and arrange the numbers in descending order:
a)     34,354;  34,377;  34,320;  34,588

Q 3) Compare numbers by putting the appropriate sign (‘<’, ‘>’ or ‘=’)
a) 15,456 __________ 20,678
b) 27,675 __________ 25,456
c) 35,096 ___________ 35,987
d) 45,666 ___________ 45,076



Dear parents,

The homework for today is as follows: ( 3 tasks – Abstract nouns, Prepositional phrase and Adverbial phrase)

Task 1

LWE: Read page number 7  – Week two New learning Abstract nouns.(do not skip)

Read the sentence below and identify the Abstract nouns. You can just write the Abstract noun of that sentence in your notebook. (You need not copy the whole sentence)

  1. Her long experience as a teacher has given her the ability to quickly understand a student’s needs.
  2. Grammar deals with the arrangement of words in sentences.
  3. If we have the right attitude to troubles in life, we can remain happy.
  4. The chairmanship of a municipality is a position highly desired for its lucrativeness and power.
  5. In childhood, I did not have the capacity to fully understand abstract nouns.
  6.  We struck water at the depth of twenty feet.
  7. After discovering the great celebrity’s secret help for those in need, my esteem for him has doubled.
  8. Happiness comes from loving people and using things, and not from using people and loving things.
  9. The Government cannot go ahead with its decision to raise the height of the dam, for thousands of people will be displaced from their villages.
  10. Hope of success helps us to persevere in this difficult task.
  11. It is true that he is a man of integrity; but, he is hard-hearted.
  12. There was unspeakable joy on her face as the award was announced.
  13. justice – There can be no peace in this world without justice.
  14. length – The length of this road is just two miles.


Task 2

Preposition Phrase: (Prepositional phrases always consist of two basic parts at minimum: the object and the preposition.) Example : Up the hill.

Create preposition phrase for the following words:

a) River

b) Park

c) Home

d) Table

e) Skating ring


Task 3

Adverbial Phrase: An adverbial phrase is simply two or more words that act as an adverb. It can modify a verb, adverb, or adjective. Examples :  much consideration , immensely talented or badly torn)

Create adverbial phrases of the following words.

a) sit

b) shattered

c) carry

d) rich

e) happy


Star of Wednesday 23rd August 2017 : Jal Gajjar ( Outstanding performance in the language F.A Mrs. Twit)

Star of Monday 28th August 2017: Twishi Ruchandani ( Undeniable performance in class- Class participation)

Star of today: Hitansh Savani ( Brilliant book review given also phenomenal answers given during ICT slot)

A very happy belated birthday to our dearest Kavya Shah! May your birthday bring each special thing that you have waited for & everyday ahead holds lots of happiness.


Fatema Topiwala


Homework for 29/8

Homework for 29/8

Math – Percentages – Complete the booklet shared with you online on journal sheets.

LEAP – The document with ‘thinking tools’ has been shared. Please complete as per the instructions given.

UOI – Read the document shared regarding Chowpaty conflict. Collect any relevant articles for class discussion.

LWE – Complete the weekend home task (in case not yet completed)

FA – The notebook needs to be signed by the parents and submitted. (if not done)

Highlights of the Cycle 9

Highlights of the Cycle 9



The students attempted the summative assessment task. The task was divided into two parts – text comprehension and debate. The text comprehension task comprised of comprehending the passage using the comprehension strategies taught during the course of the unit and answering the questions that followed. As a part of the summative assessment, students debated on the topic – ‘Television, an effective tool in building children’s mind’. Students revisited their understanding of figurative language and then they were asked to use the figures of speech in forming sentences and phrases.


The concepts of Percentage were revised during this cycle through a lot of practice in class.


Students explored various case studies related to conflict followed by guest speaker session on ‘Kargil War’.


Highlights and Homework for 29th August 2017

Highlights and Homework for 29th August 2017

Star of the day: Jiah Ranka [For being a responsible student]

[Highlight Of The Day]


Students appeared for their Formative Assessment.


a) Students took the formative assessment on phrases.

b) The teacher read an article on Robert Peary’s exploration and used the strategy ‘Determining Importance’ to identify the important information.

ICT: Students learned to create a timeline using an online tool.



Practice : (slide 19 and 20)


Practice:  (slide 3 – 6)

ICT: Students have to create a timeline on any explorer of their choice using the link given below and share it with their HRT:


Students book review will be taken on 31st August 2017. Students will have to be ready for their 2 book reviews. 

Please send any books, magazines, articles on explorer which students can easily understand. This will help as a resource material for the Summative Assessment.