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Day: August 30, 2017

Grade 8_Business Fair 2017-18_Food List

Grade 8_Business Fair 2017-18_Food List

Dear students,

Please refer to the following food list to plan your food business for the business fair 2017-18

Food list for Business Fair: 14th and 15th September 2017

Things Never  allowed Things allowed
  • Any type of biscuits
  • Chocolates, Nutella
  • Packed wafers/ Chips like Ruffles, Uncle Chips, Kurkure, etc.
  • Chocos & variations
  • All sorts of pastries, cakes with any cream (chocolate, vanilla flavor etc.
  • Aerated Drinks (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mirinda, Tang, Orange juice or any packaged fruit juice etc.)
  • Maggi (regular or atta noodles)
  • Eggs & non-vegetarian food (as per school policy)
  • Chocolate / Vanila Khakhra
  • Whipped cream – As a topping/dressing
  • Hershey’s syrup – As a topping/dressing
  • All homemade white bread items such as bread roll, Pav Bhaji,Dabeli, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizzas
  • Homemade fried items such as French Fries, Chips, pakoras etc.
  • Tomato Ketchup, Jam
  • Homemade Pasta & Noodles (even if the pasta or noodles are readymade and contain maida)
  • Nachos
  • Homemade chaat items such as papdi chaat, panipuri, sev puri, bhel puri.
  • Homemade Sweets / Baked items: Creamless cakes or muffins of any flavor, Laddoos, Halwa,chikki, cookies.
  • Smileys, Caramel popcorn
  • Sev, Bhujiya, Gathiya
  • Dry snacks such as chevda, mamra, khakra, popcorn
  • Roti items:
  • Roti/ Thepla/ Stuffed Paratha/ Koki/ Paneer Kathi Roll or Wraps made of whole wheat/ Thalipeeth/ Genuine whole wheat Bread/ Puri Bhaaji
  • Rice items: Pulao, Khichdi, Biryani, Dal Chawal, Curd rice, Bisi Bele Bhaat, Fried Rice
  • Poha, Upma, Handvo, Idadaa, Khaman-Dhokla, mathri, chakri, Patra, Khakhra, Sprouts, Cutlets, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Muesli, Oatmeal, Cereal (not chocos) Curd and Milk (no dry cereal), Chilla (besan, moongdal), Mamra, Salad, Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Chana-Sing daana (peanuts), Popcorn, Makhana, Sabudana Khichdi, all kinds of chutney; pickles, chunda,

homemade Sweets i.e all types of laddoos, halwa, chikki, sukhdi, sheera, salam pak, methi pak, aam papad, white bread

  • Milkshakes (non chocolate), Nimbu pani, Aamras, Iced tea, Coffee (hot/cold), Cold Cocoa
  • Chocolate cakes and muffins made of cocoa powder without chocolate chips (everything without icing/ frosting)
  • Marble cake, Waffles, Doughnuts (without any icing/ frosting),Cocoa powder, Homemade chocolate sauce.
  • Hershey’s Syrup – Inside shake or cake
  • Cream – Inside the shake or cake


Students of the month

Students of the month

Dear parents and my tiny leaders,


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


I take extreme pride in announcing the students for the month of August:

Prisha Mehta and Abir Daga



And also the much due appreciation for the students of the month of July.

The students of the month of July:

Devina Jindal, Hitansh Jain, Harsh Begani and Hitansh Savani

Congratulations to all my leaders!

I hope to see the growth continue.

For my champions who are still in the running remember, It’s not about being the bestIt’s about being better than who you were yesterday.” 

Good luck and let your progress become undeniable.



Yours sincerely,

Fatema Topiwala




Math : Parallel lines

Math : Parallel lines

Grade7 – G7 Acumen
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Thu Aug 31 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Dear students,

Kindly complete the Angles lines worksheet and Parallel lines worksheet posted in Grade 7 Math – Acumen Google Classroom in your math notebook.
Expected Time: 30 minutes

Highlights – 30th August, 2017

Highlights – 30th August, 2017

Day 1


Students practiced writing number names of 5 digit numbers. The mathematical concept of expanded form and  skip counting was revised with 5 digit numbers.


The popcorn reading of the chapter ” The Monster Fancy Dress” from the EE book was done.


Refer common blog for Hindi and Gujarati homework.

Bring your book and book review booklet tomorrow.

Keep reading! 🙂