Grade 7_Mathematics_First term examination syllabus and details_October 2017

Grade 7_Mathematics_First term examination syllabus and details_October 2017

Dear parents and students,


Please find first term examination syllabus and details mentioned below:


Unit 1: World of numbers

  1. Number system
  2. Prime and composite numbers
  3. Factors and multiples
  4. Highest common factor and lowest common multiple
  5. Prime factorization method
  6. Operation with integers
  7. BODMAS rule


Unit 2: Geometry of structures

  1. Lines and angles
  2. Angles formed in parallel lines when cut by a transversal
  3. Quadrilaterals (classification, angles & properties)
  4. Squares and its roots
  5. Pythagoras theorem


Important Note: Apart from Grade 7 MYP Haese textbook, all the hard copy of the worksheets, extra sums taught in the class, content covered through central presentations and online worksheets/sums shared through Google Classroom will be considered as a part of the syllabus. Weekend practice questions (optional) posted in Google Classroom will not be the part of the syllabus.

Examination details

  • There will be one paper of Mathematics in first term examination.
  • Paper will consist of short, medium and long response questions. Paper will be of two hours.
  • Paper will assess all the four criteria of Mathematics –

             – Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

             – Criterion B: Investigating patterns

             – Criterion C: Communicating

             – Criterion D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts


Highest achievement level: 32

Highest grade: 7


Important notes:

– Calculators will not be allowed.

– The entire paper is to be written in the space provided in the question paper booklet. Neither additional supplementary will be provided nor any extra paper will be considered as a part of your solution.

– All the instructions will be available on the cover page of the question paper booklet.  Please read these instructions before attempting the paper.

– Sharing of any resource will not be allowed.

– You need to carry your own geometry box (if required) and your personal stationery.


In case of any query/concern, please feel free to approach any of the Grade – 7 Mathematics educator.


Thanks and regards,

Grade 7 Mathematics team.

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