Grade 8_Mathematics_First Term Examination Syllabus and details_October 2017

Grade 8_Mathematics_First Term Examination Syllabus and details_October 2017

Dear parents and students,

Please find first term examination syllabus and details mentioned below:


Unit 1: Plethora of numbers

  1. Rational and irrational numbers
  2. Absolute value
  3. Surds
  4. Laws of indices
  5. Scientific notation

Unit 2: Let’s do business

  1. Significant figures
  2. Unitary method in percentage
  3. Percentage increase and decrease
  4. Finding percentage change
  5. Finding the original amount – reverse percentage
  6. Profit and loss
  7. Simple interest and compound interest
  8. Ratio and proportion
  9. Direct proportion

Important Note: Apart from Grade 8 MYP Haese textbook, all the hard copy of the worksheets, extra sums taught in the class, content covered through central presentations and online worksheets/sums shared through Google Classroom will be considered as a part of the syllabus. Weekend practice questions (optional) posted in Google Classroom will not be the part of the syllabus.

Examination details

  • There will be one paper of Mathematics in first term examination.
  • Paper will consist of short, medium and long response questions. Paper will be of two hours.
  • Paper will assess all the four criteria of Mathematics:

– Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

– Criterion B: Investigating patterns

– Criterion C: Communicating

– Criterion D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts

  • Highest achievement level: 32
  • Highest grade: 7

Important notes:

– Calculators will not be allowed.

– The entire paper is to be written in the space provided in the question paper booklet. Neither additional supplementary will be provided nor any extra paper will be considered as a part of your solution.

– All the instructions will be available on the cover page of the question paper booklet. Please read these instructions before attempting the paper.

– Sharing of any resource will not be allowed.

– You need to carry your personal stationery.

In case of any query/concern, please feel free to approach any of the Grade – 8 Mathematics educator.

Thanks and regards,

Grade 8 Mathematics team.

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