Highlights of the week and homework for the weekend!!!

Highlights of the week and homework for the weekend!!!


Session 1: Teacher gave feedback on the writing piece i.e. School bus. Later, students revised, edited and published the literary piece.

Session 2: Teacher discussed and explained important points on Animal report writing. Students completed the report writing on Zebra in EE book.

  • Revision of alliterative sentences.

Session 3:

  • Recitation of the poem “If I Were A Butterfly”.
  • Discussion on compound words and young ones of animals was conducted. Students completed the exercise on compound words, odd one and young ones of animals.

Session 4:

  • Teacher explained the new vocabulary after reading sentences from the EE book.
  • Students made new words ending with -ump, -ow, -ite and -unch. Discussion on base words.

Session 5: Teacher discussed the nature and features of monkeys and crocodiles and made a mind map as ‘We Do’ model. Later, the students copied the mind map in their Language notebook.

Session 6: Teacher read and explained the story: The monkey and the crocodile.


Session 1: Revision of addition through word problems.

Session 2: Revision of rounding off and addition.

Session 3: Summative assessment was conducted.


Math and Language: Complete the given worksheets.

L.W.E: Complete exercises till Week 5 weekend home task.



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