Dear parents and my curious junior explorers,


UOI weekend task :

Let this weekend be an adventurous weekend for you! Explore the local library for the resources required. Look for books, articles and resources to support your research further. Also explore https://www.ducksters.com/biography/explorers/ a child friendly website to research about explorers. The ones who still haven’t mailed me regarding the explorer they have chosen need to do it as soon as possible.

Important: Ensure all your F.A are signed by parents and make corrections where ever required.

Math weekend homework:


1. Do as directed:

  1. Write seven lakh thirty thousand fifty two hundred and nine in numbers.


  1. What is the place value of 2 in 32783452 according to the Indian place value system?


  1. Write the following numbers in words as per the Indian & International place value:  57920538
  2. Find the product of 7184 and 342.
  3. Find the quotient and remainder, if 6854 is the dividend and 24 is the divisor.
  4. Word problems:
  5. A table costs ₹ 2,550. What is the cost of 235 tables?
  6. John decided to sell all  his old books. He gathered 856 books to sell. He sold 251 books on the sale day, by afternoon. How many books are left with him now? Later, in evening his sister gave him more 206 books from her storeroom to sell. How many books does John have now?

Q.3. Solve the following:

a) Subtract: 4 kg 300 g from 7 kg

b) 52 litres 620 ml = ____ ml

c) Subtract: 37 m 15 cm 8 mm from 125 m 21 cm 3 mm

d) Add: 17 kg 359 g and 61 kg

Q.4. Solve the following:

  1. You woke up for school at {5:40} in the morning. If school starts at {7:30} am, how long do you have from the time you wake up until school starts? (answer in 24 hours)
  2. You are moving to a new house near Vijay Dairy. Your old house that was in Nanpura is 2 km from your new house. How many meters is the old house from the new house?
  3. Sarvam and his mother went to Dhiraj sons Athwalines. They were looking at a pack of fresh watermelon juice. It had a weight of 1 kg 8 g. Represent the weight of the pack of watermelon juice in grams. (Show all the steps)
  4. A box contains 4 bags of biscuits. The total weight of all 4 bags is 6 kg. What is the weight of each bag in grams?


Language homework:

Read the Passage and answer the following questions:


Initial stages of Mars exploration- Missions to Mars

Mars has historically been unfriendly to Earth’s attempts to visit it. More missions have been attempted to Mars than to any other place in the Solar System except the Moon, and about half of the attempts have failed. Some of these failures occurred because Mars was the first planet Earth attempted to explore, and the early exploration attempts taught us many lessons that have made other missions more successful. But many failures have occurred recently, proving again and again that space exploration is very, very difficult. But since 1996, Mars exploration has undergone a Renaissance, with data from four orbiters and four landed missions developing a revolutionary new view of Mars as an Earth-like world with a complex geologic history.


Renaissance: Rebirth of a modern age or the revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries.

Orbiters:- spacecraft designed to go into orbit, especially one that does not land.

Revolutionary:-  Involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.
Geologic:- Relating to the study of the earth’s physical structure and substance.

1) Comprehend the passage using the strategy (Main detail- Determining Importance)

2) Infer the meaning of the word Relatively and undergone.

3) Which was the first planet people of earth wanted to explore?

4) What are the two main reasons mentioned in the passage, for the failure of  mission to Mars?

5) What was the impact/consequence of earlier exploration attempt to mars?

6) What was the new revelation made about Mars after 1996?

7 A) Find an abstract noun from the passage.

B) Create an Adjectival phrase for the word “planet”.

C) Create a phrasal verb for the verb “made” and form a sentence using that phrasal verb.

D) Create a prepositional phrase with the word “mars”.


Star of the day: Kavya Shah and Devina Jindal ( for a flawless performance in their F.A)






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