Grade 9_Economics_Term 1_Exam_Syllabus_Paper_Pattern

Grade 9_Economics_Term 1_Exam_Syllabus_Paper_Pattern

Dear Parents and Students,

The following is the syllabus and paper pattern for Term 1 Exam:

(A) Syllabus:

Section I. Basic economic problem:

Unit 1: Scarcity

Unit 2: Factors of production

Unit 3: Opportunity cost

Section II: Allocation of resources:

Unit 4: Market and Mixed economics

Unit 5: Equilibrium price

Unit 6: Changes in demand

Unit 7: Changes in supply

Unit 8: Price elasticity of demand

Unit 9: Price elasticity of supply

Unit 10: Merits of the market system

Unit 11: Market Failure

(B) Paper pattern:

Paper 1 – MCQ

Total Marks: 30 marks

Duration: 45 minutes


Paper 2 – Structured questions

Total Marks: 90 marks

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes



Anbu Packiaraj & Pragati Sagar

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