‘Important note’

‘Important note’

Dear parent,

As a part of our current unit – Events, students are going to plan and organize an event- ‘Birthday party’ on Thursday – 7th September, 2017. Here is the list of things assigned to the following students. Please co-operate and help them in their planning and execution by sending the allotted items on Thursday – 7th September, 2017.The students can come in colorful dress for the party but will have to change once the party gets over. Kindly send the school uniform in the bag.

On that day students need not carry the first meal(tiffin) .

Name Item Quantity
Aadit Garlic bread 6-8 students
Aradhya Dry manchurian 10 students
Aarav Garlic bread 6-8 students
Hidayat Lemonade 15 students
Hridaay Dry manchurian 10 students
Jinaya Chocolate cake 500 gms
Kalpataru Dry manchurian 10 students
Krishi Garlic bread 6-8 students
Krishya Dry manchurian 10 students
Mehaan Lemonade 15 students
Nandini Chocolate cake 500 gms
Nirvan French fries 15 students
Raviraaj Chocolate cake 500 gms
Shahraan Dry manchurian 10 students
Shlok French fries  15 students
Siya Chocolate cake 500 gms
Tansi Lemonade 15 students
Vedant Garlic bread 6-8 students
Taksh Banana waffers 1 kg
Yashvi Potato waffers 1kg


With gratitude,


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