Important note regarding Slumber Party..

Important note regarding Slumber Party..

Dear parents,

As a part of our current unit – Events, students are going to plan and organize an event- ‘Slumber Party’ on Wednesday – 6th September, 2017. Kindly cooperate and help them in planning and execution by sending the allotted food items.

The dress code for the event is – Nightwear . Kindly send the school uniform in the bag as they  will have to change once the event gets over. On that day, students need not carry the first meal(tiffin).

Please find the food allocation list below :

Dhairya, Kiara, Hridhaan, Divyansh Cake (10 pcs per child)
Dhruv, Vedshree, Rachit French Fries (Per child half Kg)
Shaivee, Reyansh Agarwal, Mishthi, Riddhi Garlic Bread (10 pcs per child)
Ananya, Reyansh Surani, Arya, Granth Cheese samosa (Per child half Kg)
Shlok, Raashi, Mohit, Adisesh, Aarav Cold coco (1 litre each)




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