Online Game alert (Blue Whale)

Online Game alert (Blue Whale)

Dear Parent,

As per the recent news in media, 4-5 incidents of young kids committing suicide have been reported and they have been linked to the game, Blue Whale.

Please read the attached circular issued by UNICEF to educate parents and teachers about Blue Whale game.

If you do think or suspect that your child is participating in Blue Whale, please ensure the following:

  • First of all, DO NOT PANIC and under no circumstances take it out on your child. A child participating in this game is already under significant trauma and mishandling the situation would only worsen it.
  • Talk to your child in a calm and patient manner.
  • Acknowledge the fact that they need help of a professional and that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they get that help.
  • Inform the law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.
  • Inform school principal and update them about the details. It is important for the school authority to know about such instance. Do involve them for guidance and support.

Circular issued by UNICEF: Blue Whale Challenge: What Parents Need to Know

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