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Day: September 5, 2017

Homework – Day 4 – Sept4

Homework – Day 4 – Sept4

LEAP: Complete the consequences and sequels for one goal.

UOI: Find the appropriate resources for the explorer chosen by you. Remember the resources should help you to find the answer for the questions asked in the explorer journal.


1. Solve the sums given in class.

2. Solve the below stated word problems:

a) The length of a rope is 80 m. If a piece of 35 m 40 cm length is cut, what length of the rope is left?

b) A banana has a mass of 175 grams. What is the mass of 6 such bananas?

c) 3 identical penguins have a total mass of 360 kilograms. What is the mass of 1 penguin?

d) Mohan weights 67kg 300g and Kamal weights 53kg 900g. Who has more weight and by how many kilograms?