Homework for 12th September 2017

Homework for 12th September 2017

Dear Students,

Complete the following tasks as per the given instructions.


Learn the spelling of the following words for dictation on Day – 4 (14th September 2017)

  1. numerator
  2. denominator
  3. reciprocal
  4. conflict
  5. resolution
  6. responsibility
  7. individual
  8. community
  9. beginning
  10. diction


  • Task has been shared via email. Check your inbox.
[Unit Of Inquiry]
  • Come prepared for the Summative Assessment. Make sure all the related tasks (creating the doc/ppt/editing etc.) are complete.
  • In case you have used any online tool, make sure it is shared with me prior to the class.


  • Bring the evidence that shows that you are working towards your goal.
  • Your LEAP class is scheduled for tomorrow. Make sure all your tasks are complete.
  • Your Chromebook must be fully charged. Also, bring your headphones/earphones.

See you all tomorrow… 🙂



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