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Day: September 14, 2017

Educational Trip For Grade 5

Educational Trip For Grade 5

Grade 5 has planned a field trip to Jungle farm, Palgarh in relation to the upcoming unit in UOI. It will help students gain a first-hand learning experience on the unit related concepts. The students will need to make connections with this trip once they return and take their inquiry ahead.
The trip will also cater to the ongoing unit in PE which is adventure challenge, in which students will learn how assumptions can lead to misconceptions and identify potential personal and group outcomes for risk-taking behaviours, by doing different adventure activities set in the school premises.
Students will be assessed on the above learning outcomes, out of school, in a different terrain near Bordi, a place called Jungle farm, where students will do a short trail where they will have to cross difficult situations and their risk taking behaviour will be assessed.
Hence, it is highly recommended that all the students come for this trip.
It is a 2-day 1-night trip and students would be divided into 2 batches.
Batch 1- 3rd – 4th October 2017- Consortium, Coalition, Reciprocity and Collaboration
Batch 2- 4th – 5th October 2017- Alliance, Conglomerate, Synergy, Symbiosis
Itinerary and other details would be shared soon.
Dipti Singhal
Grade 5 Team Leader
Math HL: Inverse and Absolute Functions.

Math HL: Inverse and Absolute Functions.

Grade11 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Fri Sep 15 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear Learners,
You are expected to solve the following exercises from Oxford Publication:
Exercise 2I.
Exercise 2J.
Kinjal Morkhia.
Expected Time: 60 minutes. minutes

Homework for the day – 14th September, 2017

Homework for the day – 14th September, 2017

Dear Students,



  1. Learn the following words for dictation to be taken in this week
    1. numerator
    2. denominator
    3. reciprocal
    4. conflict
    5. resolution
    6. responsibility
    7. individual
    8. community
    9. beginning
    10. diction
  2. Refer to the chapter ‘Same yet different’  from Empowering English and write a brief outline of the story you would write for passage A and passage B, pretending that passage A and B are the opening passages of two different stories.

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta


Note regarding the literary event.

Note regarding the literary event.

Dear parents,

This is in regards to the Grade 2 literary event- Poetry Recitation which happened a few days back. There’s a change in the format of the event and now we won’t be having a separate final round.The 3 best performers  of the first round are the final winners. So in all we’ve 24 students from the entire grade who will be announced as the best performers. The same format was there last year too in Grade 1. And the reason behind this change is simply because we don’t want the literary events to become a platform for fierce competitions. Once again to reiterate that these events are held to motivate students to develop their literary and presentation skills and nothing beyond that. I hope, all of you will agree to this change and take it positively. Seeking your co-operation. The names of the winners (section wise) will be updated on blog by tomorrow.



Nandini Aswani

Asst PY Co-ordinator.

Homework for the day

Homework for the day


  1. Watch the video for understanding of integers, whole numbers and natural numbers.

2. Draw a number line and plot your feelings for the different activities that you do after reaching home.

3. Define the following terms in your Maths Notebook- integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, positive integers and negative integers.

4. For each of the following situation draw a number line and depict the situation:

a. A spider is placed on +2. It moves up 3 places and then slips down 4 places. Which integer would it be on now?

b. A spider is placed on -5. It moves up 8 places and then slips down 2 places. Which integer would it be on now?

c. A spider is placed on +2. It moves up 2 places and then slips down 4 places. Which integer would it be on now?

d. A spider is placed on -2. It slipped down 4 places and then moved up 5 places. Which integer would it be on now?

e. A spider is placed on +3. It slipped down 4 places and again slipped down 2 places. Which integer would it be on now?


Refer to Chapter 2, The last word in endings, on page no. 4 of your Empowering English book. Read the chapter (spread across page 4 and 5) and come prepared for a discussion.



Dear Parents,                                                                                                                         

As a part of our ‘Play’ unit we have planned a picnic to a farm house on Monday, 18th September  2017. The students have to reach Vanita Vishram ground (Opp. Mahavir Cardiac Hospital) by 7 :30 amParents are requested to hand over the child to the HRT and leave immediately.

Also make a note, parents have to pick up their kids from VANITA VISHRAM GROUND at 1:00 pm sharp. Request you to be on time.

Important points:

1. Students have to come in full uniform along with their I-cards.

2. Kindly send  lunch box with a heavy meal and water bottle.(Friday food policy will be followed).

3. Send one extra pair of clothes and an outdoor game or a toy in their bag. Please label all the belongings.

4. Do remember to bring the bearer card when you come to pick up your child.


Nursery Team.

Homework of 14th September, 2017

Homework of 14th September, 2017


  1. Fill the survey form that is shared with you. Complete the Fractions Workbook.
  2. Solve the following questions in your math notebook.

1) 12×8÷4÷2
2) 8÷(5-1)-2
3) (5-4)×(3+3)
4) 2+6÷(9-7)
5) 6÷2+7+1
6) 2+4+2-6÷2
7) (8-4÷2+4)÷1
8) 8-2-(15-6-5)
9) (6-2)÷2÷(2+0)
10) 9-(5÷1+1-3)


Tomorrow we are going to visit Business Fair. You can bring maximum Rs 200.

Keep reading 🙂

Homework for 14/9

Homework for 14/9

Math – Please reflect on the following question in your Math notebook.

Why do you need positive and negative numbers and where do you see it in real life?

Read the given article at least twice (Silent reading and loud reading). We will discuss in class.

Language – Group 1 and Group 2 – Please complete the given assignment (document shared) in language writing notebook.

Keep smiling and have a nice day!