Note regarding the literary event.

Note regarding the literary event.

Dear parents,

This is in regards to the Grade 2 literary event- Poetry Recitation which happened a few days back. There’s a change in the format of the event and now we won’t be having a separate final round.The 3 best performers ¬†of the first round are the final winners. So in all we’ve 24 students from the entire grade who will be announced as the best performers. The same format was there last year too in Grade 1. And the reason behind this change is simply because we don’t want the literary events to become a platform for fierce competitions. Once again to reiterate that these events are held to motivate students to develop their literary and presentation skills and nothing beyond that. I hope, all of you will agree to this change and take it positively. Seeking your co-operation. The names of the winners (section wise) will be updated on blog by tomorrow.



Nandini Aswani

Asst PY Co-ordinator.

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