Homework for 15th September 2017

Homework for 15th September 2017

Dear Students,

Given below is the homework for the weekend.


1. Read the article shared with you in the class, on Integers, and come prepared for a discussion.

2. Solve the following worksheets in your Math notebook as per the instructions that are given alongside.

  • HW- 15th September
  • HW_ Integers – 15th September – You have to solve each and every sum. But, you must solve any 10 sums using the number line (You have to show the solution on the number line. Refer to the example given below) and any 10 sums with illustration (Using + and – sign as done in the class). For the rest of the sums, you may choose to illustrate/show on number line/write direct answers.

Image source: http://virtualnerd.com/middle-math/integers-coordinate-plane/add-integers/add-integers-number-line-example


  1. Language homework will be shared via email. Kindly check your inbox.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  1. Fill the reflection worksheet given to you. Do as explained in the class.


OPTIONAL – Visit the following links and practice typing to improve your typing speed. Record your scores on the last page of your Math notebook.
https://www.speedtypingonline.com/typing-test – https://10fastfingers.com/ –
http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games/keyboarding_games_typing_speed_test.html –


  1. Portfolio pieces need to be uploaded on SeeSaw.
  2. Language and Math Mixbag homework needs to be attempted in the Mixbag homework notebook.
  3. Answer key for yesterday’s homework will be shared via email. Redo the incorrect sums, if any.
  4. On Monday, submit the evidence that shows your progression in terms of your goal.

See you all on Monday… 🙂

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