Homework for the weekend!!!

Homework for the weekend!!!


Listen to the story “The Monkey And The Bell” and write the answers of the following questions:


Q1. What did the robber loot from the temple?

Q2. Who heard the jingle of the sound while the robber was going back home?

Q3. Who found the bell and started playing with it?

Q4. What did the courageous man see in the forest?

Q5. Who decided to go and chase the evil spirit from the mountain desert?

Q6. What did the old woman take with her to the mountain forest? What did she bring back with her?

(To be done in Language homework note book.)

Note: Focus of the activity is listening skills so the students will only listen to the audio. Parents make sure that they are not watching the video. They can listen to the audio twice and answer the questions given above. Once they are done with all the answers, if they wish to watch a video they can watch. 


Complete the given worksheet.



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