Important Note For Sr. KG Glimmer Parents!

Important Note For Sr. KG Glimmer Parents!

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the following is the list of students who are hosting different events with the help of their mentor teachers. When these students are hosting, other students will be attending the event as guests (who are not organizing).
For any queries regarding the event, kindly contact the mentor teachers.
Students name Event name
Yuvraj, Daksh, Nandish, Jiana, Dhiyaana Event– Picnic
Mentor teacher-Nisha Jain
Ridhansh, Arnav, Tanishq, Saisha, Aria Event– Navratri Celebration
Mentor teacher-Shreya Kantharia
Arth, Urja, Veer, Tiana, Pahal Event – Fun Fair
Mentor teacher- Dimple Topiwala
Tanishka, Mahika, Kayaan, Dhyaan, Aarav Event– Fun Zone
Mentor teacher- Suchi Dakoria



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