Recap of the Day 5 – 15/09/17

Recap of the Day 5 – 15/09/17


Students did the activity related to 2nd LOI-considering other people’s views through imagination.


  • Chapter 13 – Key Idea Titles from Empowering English was introduced. The chapter helped students understand that giving a good title to a piece of writing is an important skill and the best way to choose a title is to connect it to the key idea.Students worked together as a group and practiced the skill of giving a suitable title to a passage and presented the same in front of the class.
  • Dictation was conducted.


Solve the given worksheets.

Fill the Google form of chapter 2  – Magic Faraway Tree. (Mailed and explicitly explained in the class.)

Note : First book review for the month of September will be taken on Monday.(18th Sep by the HRT )

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