Highlights of the week 18th Sep to 22nd Sep

Highlights of the week 18th Sep to 22nd Sep

Circle Time :  

Revision of all the rhymes.

Read aloud of the following books:

  1. Shapes and Colors by NA
  2. Rabbits and Raindrops by Kim Arnoksy
  3. Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox by Grace Maccarone
  4. My Dad is a Builder by Lynne Rickwards and Timothy Hustache
  5. A Hot Day by Alison Hawes and Maxine Lee



Central idea: Transportation connects to the community near and far.

  • Integration with VA: Students made ‘Fire engine’’ through art and craft.
  • Summative assessment for the UOI.


UOI: (Year long unit)

Central idea: We play to explore and have fun.

  • Picnic to a Farm house.
  • A Tisket a tasket game.
  • Treasure hunt in the sand pit.



  • Word of the week: Excuse me.
  • Show and tell on their favourite vehicle.
  • Picture talk.

Phonological Awareness :

  • Rhyming words.


  • Association and quantification of numbers 5 to 10 through different manipulatives.
  • Revision of numbers ‘1 to 3’
  • Revision of pre math concept ‘more’ and ‘less’.
  • Introduction of shape “Triangle”.


Homework : Draw a line to match the front half of each transport with it’s back.



  • Kindly share your child’s reflection through daily diary, so we can display it on the action board.
  • Kindly send a raincoat regularly.


Have a lovely weekend!


Nursery Team


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