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Day: September 23, 2017

Important note

Important note

Dear parents,


We have organised ‘Navaratri Celebration’ for Sr.KG students on Thursday, 28th September 2017. So, kindly dress your children in traditional wear and also keep the uniform in the bag. They will change to their uniform after the celebration.



Sr.KG team

Blocksi: New Chromebook Monitoring, Filtering & Anti-Theft 2017-18

Blocksi: New Chromebook Monitoring, Filtering & Anti-Theft 2017-18

Dear Parent,

We have been using Chromebooks for students since the last four academic sessions. We strive to ensure to our best capability that these devices are used for educational purpose, and do not cause the distraction to the students’ learning. It is also important for us to ensure that our students view their Chromebooks as a “learning device” and not an “entertainment device”.

We have been using Goguardian to monitor chromebooks but as  it is no longer authorized to sell to the regions outside the US, parts of Canada, and the UK (this limitation was put in place internally at GoGuardian),  we need to implement a new monitoring system for the Chromebooks. Therefore we are introducing a new Chromebook monitoring system – Blocksi.

With Blocksi, schools have the option to protect and filter students, on and off campus. Please read the detailed features of Blocksi here.

Applicable for: (Students and Parents of Grade 5 and newly admitted students only)

The policies/restrictions will be effective only on Chromebooks. On any other devices, students/ parents will have unlimited access, and won’t be restricted by While in most cases students are not required to use other internet-enabled devices, but in case they have access to other devices, then we advise that parents monitor them as well. If parents wish to install a firewall then it will have to be at the local router level.

This software will be applicable by default to both, parent and student email id. Ideally, according to our recommendation, parents should not be sharing their passwords with their child. If the password is not shared, parents can opt out. But in case the child is aware of your password (which ideally should not be the case) and you do not want to be vigilant about them using your id, then we advise that you let us apply these policies of Blocksi on your id and you choose not to opt out.

Parents wishing to opt out* can fill the following form using their parent email id.

Form Link: (Last date of filling this form is 30th September 2017).


One year subscription cost for student only $5 about Rs. 321/- to Rs. 330/- (based on the exchange rate on the day of purchase) The final cost will be deducted from the imprest deposit in November/ December 2017.
Cost for two users (Student & Parent) Double of the above amount (Rs. 642/- to 660/-).

*For the student id there is no opt-out option, it will be applied and the applicable amount for the same will be deducted from the imprest.

Important note for Sr KG parents

Important note for Sr KG parents

Dear Parents,

Sr. KG students are organising an event: Fun Fair on Tuesday, 26th September. We request you to send an amount of Rs 50( 5 notes of Rs 10) with your child on Tuesday in an envelope so that they can play games/ eat things from the Fun Fair stalls. (this applies for all the 120 students of Sr. KG excluding the 40 students who are organising an event ).


Sr. KG Team