Homework and Highlight – 26th September, 2017

Homework and Highlight – 26th September, 2017

Dear Parents,

Day 6

Star of the day: Hiya Madhwani (For consistently performing amazingly well in dictation)




Students were introduced to the figure of speech “Simile”.


Students understood the relationship between area and perimeter through a hands-on engagement.



Students will rewrite the dictation spellings 5 times.

Lang EE: 

Students will complete these similes below describing their friend. (make it brilliant)

1- My friend is smart like a ________.

2- My friend is fast like a ________.

3- My friend is as busy as a ________.

4- My friend is as brave as a ________.

5- My friend is as happy as a ________.

6- My friend is as funny as a ________.

7-My friend is as sweet as a________.


Explore this blend space link to revise the math concepts:


Note: FA notebook has been sent. Kindly sign it and send them back tomorrow.


Malvika Gandhi

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