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Day: September 26, 2017

Homework of the day 26th September,2017

Homework of the day 26th September,2017

Day 6, Tuesday



Task 1: Complete these similes below describing your friend.

1- My friend is smart like a ________.

2- My friend is fast like a ________.

3- My friend is as busy as a ________.

4- My friend is as brave as a ________.

5- My friend is as happy as a ________.

6- My friend is as funny as a ________.

7-My friend is as sweet as a________.

Task 2: Revise Onomatopoiea and alliteration using this short quiz



Students will play this game to revise the concept of area and perimeter:



Note: FA notebook and evidence for the unit ‘Exploration’ has been sent. Kindly go through and send them back tomorrow.



Highlights and homework – Day 6 – Sept 26th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – Sept 26th

UOI: Learners started with a discussion about Friday’s food experience and they derived that they could empathize the situation of underprivileged children better through the experiences. Later, they shared their thoughts and feelings on ‘Empathy’ chart. Poverty, neglect and racial difference are few of the challenges, risks and opportunities encountered by the children. Learners continued to research about a range of challenges, risks and opportunities. For the same, they watched videos -Safe place, the boy who hates his disabled dog and Unfairy tales (pillow) . The link of the playlist is stated as below. Post watching the videos, they noted: “I see, I know, I feel, I think and I wonder.”

Math: Learners explored the relationship between area and perimeter using the rangometry. They derived that area can be larger than perimeter and vice versa. Also, that for the same area, different shapes can be created and perimeter may vary.  They were given 28 pieces of rangometry and were asked to create rectangular or square shape and note the length, breadth, perimeter and area.



  1. Create Khan Academy account and join the class as per the code sent to you.
  2. Practice area and perimeter online: (7 correct sums in a row)

Language: Revise Onomatopoiea and alliteration using this short quiz

Recap of the Day 6 – 26/09/17

Recap of the Day 6 – 26/09/17


Further discussion of the tuning in activity was done.


  • Chapter 14 – Finding Key Ideas and Supporting Details from Empowering English was introduced. The chapter helped students understand that paragraphs are made of sentences. Each paragraph contains one sentence that holds the main or the key idea. The other sentences support the key idea by adding details and descriptions to enhance it.
  • Read aloud was done.


Complete the given worksheet.

Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents,



Students used rang-o-metri to understand the relationship between area and perimeter.

They constructed different shapes using only 28 cubes and calculated the area and perimeter of each shape.

Important note:

  • Please sign the F.A notebooks sent across with your child and send them back tomorrow.
  • The students have been given their UOI summative assessment evidences for the unit “Exploration” Please keep it safe in their PYP folder.


UOI: (to be done in UOI notebook)

Choose any one of the stories and read using the link :

or Read the story given below: (Challenge: Be courageous enough to read both of the stories and reflect on it)

‘I had no future. My education was on the sewing machine’
Mohamed Hajy, from Syria

When 15-year-old Mohamed Hajy tried to reach Greece by boat earlier this month, he nearly drowned. The inflatable boat he shared with 39 other desperate Syrians began to deflate, still a mile from Greek shores, and he was saved from death only at the last minute by a charity-run rescue boat. Had the rescuers arrived a few moments later, they might all have ended up in the icy water. Most of them couldn’t swim – and were wearing fake lifejackets that wouldn’t have saved them.

This was, nevertheless, scarcely worse a fate than the one he’s fleeing from, Hajy says later. In Syria, he was caught between being conscripted into the Syrian army and the advances of Islamic State. In Turkey, where he fled to first, he was forced into child labour in order to survive.

All of this was in contravention of the UN’s convention on the rights of the child, giving Hajy ample legal reason to seek a better life elsewhere. Denied his rights in Turkey and Syria, travelling to Europe was therefore an easy choice – even though it meant risking death off the Greek coast, and doing so with no adult to look after him.

“In Turkey, I had no future,” Hajy says. “Life was awful. My education was on the sewing machine. And I did not want to be doing that for the rest of my life.”

Hajy is not unique. In Turkey, he was one of 400,000 school-age Syrian refugees in Turkey who had no access to school – a dynamic that rights workers say will drive still more of them to take their chances at sea.

“Failing to provide Syrian children with education puts an entire generation at risk,” Human Rights Watch said in a report on the subject last November. “With no real hope for a better future, desperate Syrian refugees may end up putting their lives on the line to return to Syria or take dangerous journeys to Europe.” Mohamed Hajy is living proof of that. Patrick Kingsley


  • Solve the following questions: 
  1. What is a child refugee?
  2. Write down any 3 problems/challenges the child might face being a refugee.
  3. What are the risks involved in being a child refugee? (state at least 2)
  4. How would you overcome the situation of a refugee. (Use your thinking skills and think of at least 1 solution)


Stars of the day: Aksh Chopra, Harshika Baid and Harsh Begani (Performed exceedingly well in math madness challenge using their social skills perfectly)


Quote of the day:

Image result for children are gift



Fatema Topiwala


Weekend homework

Weekend homework

Dear Parents,

Important Note!!!

Homework especially weekend homework which includes mixed bag(revision) worksheets are to be checked by student first i.e. self-check. Later on, by the parent and sign it. 
Purpose: Parent will come to know in which topic their child needs frequent revision and can help them in revisiting the topic.
Teachers will not check mixed bag worksheets from now onwards. Only brief verification will be done.
Seeking your cooperation.




Highlights and Homework – 26/09/2017

Highlights and Homework – 26/09/2017

Dear Parents,

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students unpacked the central idea through classroom discussion.


Students understood the relationship between area and perimeter through a hands-on engagement.



Students have to write one alliteration poem and one onomatopoeia poem in their Language E.E notebook. (Minimum 5-6 lines each)

Note: FA notebook and evidence for the unit ‘Exploration’ has been sent. Kindly go through and send them back tomorrow.

Pinky Shah

Highlights of Cycle 12

Highlights of Cycle 12


Language: Students were introduced to 6 traits of writing using the following video:

Then, the task from the Chapter Upgrading Goldilocks, from Empowering English was done in groups. The feedback for the same was given in the class and the students, in groups published the same on the Google document shared by the teacher.

Later, the writing process was discussed with the students through the following video and image :

after which students wrote a piece independently on the topic: ‘My summer vacation’, keeping in mind  the following:

~Type of beginning ~Type of ending ~Diction/mood ~6 Traits of writing and the Writing process

UOI:  A prior knowledge test for the new unit ‘How the world works’ was done in the class, in which students were shown few pictures and they had to answer questions related to the pictures, in their UOI notebook. The answers were then discussed by the teacher.

Then, a Rube Goldberg model video was shown to the students after which they created a mini Rube Goldberg, in groups. A class discussion on the same was taken by the teacher.

Later, the Lines of Inquiry of the unit were discussed through a center activity.

The teacher then wrote the word ‘Force’on the board and asked students to share their understanding of the same. Once done, the scientific definition of ‘Force’ was given. Next, students had to search and write the definitions of few scientific terms related to the unit, in a worksheet given to them.

Math: Ordering and addition of integers was discussed through hands-on activities as well as by solving sums on the board and in the Math notebook.

Grade-5 Alliance, Homework for 26th September,2017

Grade-5 Alliance, Homework for 26th September,2017

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Watch the above video to learn more on interdependence.
  • Revise the concepts taught in class today. Write at least 2 examples for each of the topics given below:
    • Interdependence of plants and animals
    • Symbiotic relationships – Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parasitism


  • Complete math fraction workbook.
  • Complete Data handling workbook pg 6,7,8,9,10,11.


Start preparing for the 1st round of the Literary Event (Elocution) on the topic of your choice.


Bring books that you have read for the book club on 28th September as we are having book review session on that day. Make sure you have written the reflection of the books that you have read during this month.

Keep reading!! 🙂