Extra Resources for Exam Preparation in Sciences_Grade 7

Extra Resources for Exam Preparation in Sciences_Grade 7

Dear Parents,
As our constant endeavour to assist and facilitate in your ward’s learning, we have shared the links of Question Papers and Mark Schemes for Grade 7 of Academic Year 2016-17, and the links of Formative & Summative Assessment Tasks conducted in different sections  of the grade for all the disciplines of Science in the Subject Resource Sheet on a Separate Tab over the Curicle.

Furthermore, you can use these links for Crit. D. You can further ask student to find source, summarise the article, need of such activities/impact on human life of such excavations.(you can refer to strands of crit.D in Sci for understanding types of questions that can come)




Related to Chemistry:
for Crit. B:  you will have to develop to find solutions and design them for familiar and unfamiliar situations where knowledge of states of matter and separation techniques are used:
Eg: Q1: how you will purify the impure water / sea water to make it drinkable if you don’t have any other source of water.
Q2: How can we get a packet of buttons which has mistakenly fallen and opened up into a bucket of water

Crit.C: in this criteria mostly evaluation of processes, situations, solutions, problems, etc is to be done.
Eg: Q1: Evaluate :If a person buys 1kg of spices and finds after checking to have 250 gms of impurity.
Q2: While observing a slide of specimen, the scientist is not able to observe the target, which as such is easily observed in stained preparation of the slide. Evaluate the process that the scientist has performed.

Crit D: you can be exposed to such situations:
e.g.: Q1. Why does lid of cough syrup / Jam bottles gets fixed if the syrup or jam is left on mouth of the bottles (Ans: Due to crystallisation of sugars present within the content)
Q2: How would you remove the left over oil from a vessel after frying the food (ans: Decantation)
Q3: Application of concepts understood about states of matter and separation techniques in food industry / medical industry

All the questions suggested are just as reference to understand what the criteria expects, practice questions shall be shared with the students during their revision.

MYP Science Team
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