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Month: September 2017

Highlights of 25th Sept. to 29th Sept.

Highlights of 25th Sept. to 29th Sept.


The unit under the Trans-disciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’ is going on. The students have understood the concept of  “Waste management” and the impact of our choices on the environment.

The students went for a field trip to understand how the waste is collected and segregated.  They also understood the concept of ‘Recycling’.

  • Read aloud related to the unit was conducted in the class.
  • Students learned to organize their thoughts using a flow chart.


  • Chapter 2 & 3 – “Hungry Chaturkumar” & “Chaturkumar turns blue” were taken up from the Reader Nine Hats.
  • Students learned to elaborate the sentence by adding various details to it. (adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc)


  • Data Handling was done. Learners formulated questions, collected, recorded and organized the data.
  • Teacher introduced “Ten frames” to students. One of the way to do mental addition.
  • The students were introduced to commutative property of addition.
  • The students were given the addition vocabulary like addend, sum, total and plus.

Literary event – Storytelling was conducted in the class.



Task 1. Complete the ten frame worksheet given to you.

Task 2. Write addition facts of 8, 9, 10 in your math notebook.

Task 3. Solve the following sums in your math notebook. (using vertical format)

  • 15 + 4 =
  • 62 + 6 =
  • 53 + 5 =
  • 27 + 2 =
  • 60 + 7 =


Complete the following tasks.

Task – 1) Frame a sentence using the words given below in your language notebook.

  1.  know
  2. around
  3.  because
  4. also

Task -2)  Elaborate the sentence on ‘My toy’ in your language notebook.

Task – 3) Do the below mentioned task in Language with Ease book.

1) Parse and punctuate the sentence given on page 35 (Week 7 Day 5 )  from Language with Ease book.

2) Complete the weekend home task given on page 35 and 36 from Language with Ease book.

Task -4) Students need to read the story and poem given in the reading worksheet.

Note: We are sending the portfolio file along with students for your reference. Kindly submit the file back on 3rd October without fail.

Enjoy your holidays 🙂


Grade 1 Team 🙂

G5 Coalition – Homework for 29th September, 2017

G5 Coalition – Homework for 29th September, 2017


Mixed Bag: Complete the Coalition Mixed Bag – Cycle 13 in your mixed bag notebook.

UOI: Complete the worksheet assigned to you in Google Classroom.

Language: Choose a topic for elocution and start writing the speech. Prepare keeping the public speaking criteria in mind as discussed in class. Refer the criteria sheet shared with you in mail.


Congratulation to the Star of the Week – Prasham Patel.

Kindly upload the seesaw pieces if pending.

Highlights and homework – 29th Sept, 2017

Highlights and homework – 29th Sept, 2017

Day 3 – Friday.


Portfolio piece selection was done in class.


Students worked together as a group and practiced the skill of finding the key ideas and supporting details in the passages provided to them.


Task 1: Complete the given worksheets.

Task 2: Watch the video given below:

Happy Weekend 🙂

Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear Parents,


Simile poems were recited by few students in class. Later, “The Flint” a poem by Christina Rossetti from the E.E reference book was taken up with comprehension questions.



Students will read the following poem and answer the following questions:-Homework! Oh, Homework! – by Jack Prelutsky

Homework! Oh, Homework!

I hate you! You stink!

I wish I could wash you away in the sink,

if only a bomb

would explode you to bits.

Homework! Oh, homework!

You’re giving me fits.


I’d rather take baths

with a man-eating shark,

or wrestle a lion

alone in the dark,

eat spinach and liver,

pet ten porcupines,

than tackle the homework,

my teacher assigns.


Homework! Oh, homework!

you’re last on my list,

I simple can’t see

why you even exist,

if you just disappeared

it would tickle me pink.

Homework! Oh, homework!

I hate you! You stink!


Answer the following questions in writing notebook:

Q-1 Can you make connection with the poem? Do you have similar feelings as the poet or something different?

Q-2 What would you do if you were a teacher?

Q-3 Pick out the rhyming words and alliteration from the poem.

Q-4 What is the main idea of the poem?


Task- 2

Students have to create a poem using alliteration, Onomatopoeia or simile on the topic “Children” and write in Language writing notebook. ( Minimum 5-8 lines) (Can write on the current unit’s topics)

Task -3

Students will learn a poem either from Empowering English Reference book or any other poem of their choice. Send the poem to school on Tuesday.

Task -4 

LWE: Week 9 Weekend task page no. 56 to be completed.



Students have to read the questions, solve and select the correct answer from the given options. They have to verbalize (explain) their thinking process (steps they thought of) under the correct answer in the math notebook:

i) Write the number name of 82,145,987

  1. eighty-two, one hundred forty-five, nine eight seven
  2. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five, nine hundred eighty seven
  3. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eight-seven
  4. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eighty-seven

ii) If you switch the positions of the digits 3 and 5 in the number 3256, which statement is correct?

  1. the number does not change
  2. the number increases
  3. the number decreases
  4. the number has more digits

iii) 3 hrs 40 mins equals ____.

  1. 120 mins
  2. 180 mins
  3. 220 mins
  4. 240 mins

iv) 900 is equal to  _____

  1. 90 ones
  2. 90 tens
  3. 900 ones
  4. Both b and c

v) Dimple has 11 pens. The pens are either blue or black, and there are 7 more blue pens than black pens. How many black pens does Dimple have?

  1. 9 blue and 2 black
  2. 9 black and 2 blue
  3. 8 blue and 3 black
  4. 8 black and 3 blue

vi) 3748  =____l ____ml

  1. 3 l 748 ml
  2. 3 l 487 ml
  3. 3 l 847 ml
  4. 3l 708 ml


Movie time! Watch the movie Hawa Hawaii and make connections with the central idea.

Stars of the day: Twishi Ruchandani ( Using her critical thinking to comprehend and answer in language slot)


All things are sweet and bright. May you have a lovely birthday Night. Have a very Happy birthday Pari! ( Parishree Randeria) 


Quote of the day: Put your new bookmarks to a good use! Read and read lil leader.


Fatema Topiwala