‘Grade 4, Resilience: Highlights and homework – 3rd Oct. 2017’

‘Grade 4, Resilience: Highlights and homework – 3rd Oct. 2017’

Day 4, Tuesday.

Dear Parents,

UOI: Students reflected on the “Hunger banquet” engagement.

FA was taken up on the first LOI – Challenges, risks and opportunities that children encounter (local and global) (Form)

Language: Students took up formative assessment on the figure of speech ‘Simile’.

Math: Students clarified their doubts about area and perimeter through an activity “Math Talk”

Circle Time: Prior knowledge assessment on ‘Sexuality Education’ was taken up.

Math: Play this game to revise the concept of area and perimeter:
Language: Find out physically challenged people and their outstanding results in their field.
Note: (1) Students have to join the class on ‘Khan Academy’ by clicking on the link shared on their id (Student’s id) and then attempt solving questions given on the link below:
(2) Tomorrow do bring library books and I-card for your library class.
Poonam Sharma Yerunkar.
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