Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

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Language: Formative assessment for similes was taken up with the students.

UOI: Students were paired up and made to perform a quick and easy five minutes task. The only catch here was they had to do the task blindfolded! A class reflection was taken up post the learning engagement where they identified different kinds of disabilities faced by children around the world.

Math: Students solved word problems about measurement, area and perimeter.


Classwork word problem if not completed do it as homework: https://docs.google.com/a/fountainheadschools.org/document/d/17P80BEl_dfI7_ON6uHlyvHqgGZRo2ut7oR4ujQav35A/edit?usp=sharing

Homework word problems: To be done in math h.w notebook.

1) Lisa’s nail is 6 centimeters long. Nancy’s nail is 2 centimeters shorter than Lisa’s. How many centimeters long is Nancy’s nail?
2) Julie’s bedroom is 12 meters long. Alia’s bedroom is 4 meters longer than Julie’s. How many meters long is Alia’s bedroom?
3) A square has an area of 49 square cm. What is the perimeter of the square?
4) How many boxes of 32 chocolates will be required to serve 160 students of grade 4? Remember: Each student gets only 1 chocolate.


Stars of the day: Hitansh Savani, Aksh Chopra, Harshika Baid and Suhaan Bhatia (for being blind brave buddies).

Students of the month: Twishi Ruchandani, Kavya Shah and Yajat patel (For showing phenomenal progress in the month of September)


Quotes of the day: Infer what the quote means.

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