Homework for 3rd October 2017

Homework for 3rd October 2017



Dear Students,

Play the following game thrice and share your score with me. (All three scores)


Follow the following steps after clicking on the above link.

Play – Write your name – Play now – Start game

[Unit Of Inquiry]
  • Recollect the concepts learnt in the class today. Energy, Potential Energy, and Kinetic Energy.
  • Research and take notes in your UOI notebook.
  • Make sure you learn the definition of a) Energy b) Potential Energy and c) Kinetic Energy.


1- None of your Gujarati books/notebooks were found in the class today. Make sure you bring them to school tomorrow.

2- Ensure that the tasks given by your respective Gujarati teacher are complete. (Pending tasks)

See you all tomorrow… ­čÖé

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