Recap of the day – 5th October, 2017

Recap of the day – 5th October, 2017

Day 6, Thursday

UOI: Students revised the concept of land forms and water bodies, also solved the worksheet which helped them to reflect on  their understanding.

Language: Teacher revised the steps of the writing process with the students and she role-modeled the writing of discussion on the topic ‘Holidays’ following all the steps of the writing process.

Portfolio work was done.


Language: Solve the given worksheet.

Math: Solve the following word problems:

1) Every month a newspaper seller sells 34,679 newspapers and 16,794 magazines. What is his total sales during the month?

2) A shopkeeper had a stock of 758 food items in his shop during the beginning of the month. He sold 536 food items during the month. How many food items were left with him at the end of the month?

3) The monthly expense of Amar’s family is Rs. 45,678. The expense of Aryan’s family is Rs. 34,567 in a month. Which family spends more and how much?

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