This Diwali, we would like parents to join us and celebrate this glorious festival. Let’s make this festival a memorable one. We invite parents to come and participate in sweet making celebration on 11th October’ 17

SWEET MAKING Celebration

Parents can make any homemade sweets/mithai for which the cooking part i.e. the pre-preparation can be done at home and the final preparation will be done in the class in front of the students. The volunteer parents can bring induction cooktop and use the same if needed. The child of the volunteering parent can help while preparing the sweet. Both of them need to wear an apron. We can provide any utensils like thali, thaal, big bowl if required. Any member of the family (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt) can participate in sweet making celebration.

Interested parents need to fill the form given below by today end of the day.

Grade 1 Team

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