Highlights and Homework of 10-10-2017 ( Day- 3)

Highlights and Homework of 10-10-2017 ( Day- 3)

Star of the day-  Yashashvi Saraf , Mehak Agarwal, Devanshi Patel.

Language- Students appeared for their first round of Literary event.

Seesaw- Students selected their portfolio piece for Language and Maths.

Finalists of Literary Event-

Image result for congratulations images dancing

Sharan Khurana

Neev Shah

Yashashvi Saraf


Watch the video on the link given below


Make connection on the related concepts- Child Rights, Equality, Resilience.

Divide the A-4 sheet given to you in three parts and make connection on each related concept.

NOTE-  On a very high demand from  all students, here I am sharing the “Orphans” video with you all.


Dimple Deshpande

Keep smiling 🙂

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