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Math: to be done in math homework notebook.

Solve the following:

  1. Arjun brought a keyboard. The length of the keyboard is 32 cm and the width is 14 cm. Find the area of the keyboard.
  2. Priya has a square-shaped basket of apples. The length of each side of the basket is 16 cm. Find the area and perimeter of the basket.
  3. The area of Tina’s square bedroom is 256 square cm. What is the length of any side wall in his bedroom?
  4. Disha has a wood piece. The wood piece’s length is 22 cm and its width is 25 cm. Find the area and perimeter of the wood piece.

Star of the day: Sumit Hirawat(showing focus and dedication towards seesaw ICT task)


Fatema Topiwala


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