Highlights (2nd Oct – 13th Oct)

Highlights (2nd Oct – 13th Oct)

Circle Time:

  • Word of the week: sentences, words, letters
  • Drill – Full sentence about myself
  • Phonological Awareness– Alliteration
  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date
  • Counting words in the sentences .



    • Read aloud : Read alouds from Jr. KG monthly read aloud list.
    • Revision of the letter and their sounds: s, a, t, i, p, n,
    • Summative Assessments of cluster 1
    • Revision of the letter and their sounds: c, k, h, e, r, m,d.
    • Summative Assessments of cluster 2


  • Revision of Tricky words
  • Summative Assessment of Tricky words




  • Oral counting from 1-20.
  • Revision of days of the week.
  • Revision of all the concepts through learning centres.
  • Summative Assessments of all the concepts



TDT: How the world works

Central Idea: We find different materials in the surrounding and they behave differently.

  • Various play centers.
  • Read aloud – “My Mother’s Sari” by Sandhya Rao
  • Play with Sari (dupatta)
  • Real life connection of different materials
  • Unfolding of Central Idea
  • Collage making – using different materials



  • Diwali HW booklet


Jr. KG Team

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