Block Play – Students’ all time favorite!

Block Play – Students’ all time favorite!

As you all are aware that this year, EY has begun with block room concept.

Playing with blocks helps children to develop fine/gross motor skills, coordination, pre-writing skills, concentration, creativity and imagination.

Children have got the exposure of many types of blocks during block play sessions like Vipella-3 blocks, crazy blocks, Gift 1 and Gift 2.

They were always enthusiastic for the sessions and cherished them to the core.

It was amazing to see these tiny toddlers to come up with creative designs. They also loved to make stories about their designs.

For eg:  A Jr. KG student made a house and when asked whose house is it, he answered ‘Narendra Modi’s house’!!

Another student replied that he had made car parking and his Altis is parked there. 🙂

They were always engrossed in playing in such a way that it was never challenging for them to keep quiet for almost 30-35 mins!! This first step to self-regulation is definitely going to help them in the long run…

I would like to wish all the parents a VERY HAPPY AND ECO-FRIENDLY DIWALI!





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