Sports Camp Phase 2

Sports Camp Phase 2

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,It is a great honour to announce that our school stood Third overall at Khel Mahakumbh District level. This definitely marks the success of Sports camp organised by the school, which provided students with the opportunity to enhance their skills. As we are approaching the Inter-school competitions, that are scheduled in January , we are planning to organise Phase 2 of Sports camp.

1. We are starting after school Sports camp for the PYP and MYP students.

2. This camp has been organised to enhance skills of the students.

3.The camp will start from 15 November 2017 to 10 January 2018. (25 sessions)

Date                       Day

15 November 2017 Wednesday

17 November 2017 Friday

20 November 2017 Monday

22 November 2017 Wednesday

24 November 2017 Friday

27 November 2017 Monday

28 November 2017 Tuesday

29 November 2017 Wednesday

4 December 2017 Monday

5 December 2017 Tuesday

6 December 2017 Wednesday

11 December 2017 Monday

13 December 2017 Wednesday

15 December 2017 Friday

18 December 2017 Monday

20 December 2017 Wednesday

22 December 2017 Friday

26 December 2017 Tuesday

27 December 2017 Wednesday

29 December 2017 Friday

2 January 2018 Tuesday

3 January 2018 Wednesday

5 January 2018 Friday

8 January 2018 Monday

10 January 2018 Wednesday

4. The camp will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 3:15 pm to   4:15 pm. In case any public holiday or any school event falling on these days, then that session will be compensated on the other week days.

5. The PYP students will have to stay back after 1:45 pm till 3 pm and will have to do their own work in the given area, which will be supervised by an adult.

6. Following sports will be offered during the camp:-

Football (Grade 4  Onward) (Maximum- NO LIMIT )             Coaches-Anwer, Raj, Bilal & Pinkle

Frisbee (Grade 4 onward). (Maximum- 60)                            Coaches- Jagdish, Sagar

Skating (Grade 1 onward) (Maximum- 25)                             Coaches- Asif

Athletics (Grade 2 onward)(Maximum-20 )                            Coaches- Oomer & Senthil

Badminton (Grade 5 onward) (Maximum- 10)                        Coach- Akhil

Table Tennis (Grade 2 onward).(Maximum- 14)                    Coaches- Mahmud & Saeed

Futsal (Grade 5 onward). (Maximum-15)                               Coach- Kalpesh

*Note- We are not offering Basketball, Taekwondo & Gymnastic as our coaches are not available during camp time

7. There will be limited entries in each sports. Enrolment will be done on strictly ‘First Come First Serve‘ basis

8. Minimum of 7 enrolment will be required for each sports to carry on for the camp. In case there will be less than 7 participants in any sports, then we will have to cancel that sports for the camp.

9.  The buses will leave at 4:35 & will only provide limited stops. Transport route will be shared with you all later on, along with the final list of camp students.

10. School will provide Banana and Enerzal (Energy drink) to students.

11. Amount for the camp per student is Rs. 2500. This amount will be deducted from the imprest account once the registration is done.
Last day to fill the form is 12 November 2017.
In case of any query, please Email to Zulkif Jelani at

Click here in case the form is not visible.


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