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Day: November 9, 2017

HW for 9th Nov, 2017

HW for 9th Nov, 2017

Math HW:

Solve the worksheet shared with you in your Math NB.


Note: Complete your portfolio work by tomorrow. Make sure the criteria discussed in the classroom are fulfilled.

Take care. 😊

Homework for 9th November 2017

Homework for 9th November 2017

Dear Students,

Thank you for the hard work you all put in behind the presentation today. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support and dedication. Well done!!! I am proud of you all.

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  • Solve the following worksheet in your Math notebook/ journal sheet.

Math-worksheet-9th November

See you all tomorrow… 🙂


Homework for 9/11

Homework for 9/11


Maths: Solve the word problems from the attached worksheet in their Maths notebook. (Evolve only)

Math worksheet

For extra practice on Fractions and Decimals you need to visit the site mentioned below and solve the multiple choice questions. It will be discussed in class tomorrow.

Class 6 Important Questions for Maths – Fractions and Decimals

Note: Parents need to acknowledge the assessments sent home today. (Evolve only)

Chromebooks needs to be fully charged.

Complete the narrative writing piece if pending.

Take care and keep smiling.

See you all tomorrow:)


Highlights and Homework of 9th November, 2017

Highlights and Homework of 9th November, 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

  • Lang FA of poetry was taken today.
  • Students practiced fractions concepts on Khan Academy.



  1. Complete practicing various concepts of fraction on Khan Academy, as discussed in the class. Links are shared with you on your mail id.
  2. Classify the worksheet given below into primary source and secondary source of data.

Primary and Secondary sources worksheet

Keep reading 🙂

Highlights of the day 09-11-17

Highlights of the day 09-11-17

Day 4


Summative Assessment was conducted.


Formative assessment on inverse operation was conducted.



Make corrections,if required in the FA notebook.

Solve the following word problems in the math homework notebook. ( Write answers only with statements)

a) There were originally 3,867 bottle caps in a jar. Vivaan removes 796 bottle caps from the jar. How many bottle caps are left in the jar?

b) Mannat picked 2,347 lemons from an orchard and gave 1,997 lemons to Yanshi. How many lemons does Mannat have now?

Happy Reading 🙂

Note – Dear Parents,

Kindly sign the FA notebook and send it back tomorrow. Diwali homework has been corrected and sent home.