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Day: November 14, 2017

Children’s day celebration

Children’s day celebration

Dear parents and little humans,


These tiny humans with big hearts gave our current TDT(Sharing the planet) a new meaning. These caring learners planned to celebrate their Children’s Day with their new buddies.

They hosted a mini carnival for the mentally challenged children. They managed and organised everything on a very short notice and pulled off an absolutely amazing event.

These young minds really astonished everyone with their maturity and compassion.

To be absolutely honest, I cannot describe what difference these children were able to make today.

Indeed, I am a tremendously proud teacher.

Today they learned the power of giving.




Fatema Topiwala


Highlights of the day 14th November,2017

Highlights of the day 14th November,2017

Day 1, Tuesday.


Discussion on the Panelist session was done. Learners were updated about the visit to NGO and criteria for the presentation was shared.


Students were introduced to Limerick poems. They were shown few examples as well as a teacher created poem was shared.
Bullying session was conducted.


UOI: Complete the given worksheet.

Have a great day !

Happy Children’s Day! 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 14-11-2017 ( Day-1)

Highlights and Homework of 14-11-2017 ( Day-1)

Dear Parent,

Day 1

Star of the day: Danish General ( For being obedient in class)


Language: Learners were introduced to Limerick using images given below. They identified the pattern and rules of Limerick. Later, they were shown the definition of Limerick as stated in the images below.


Create a limerick poem and write in your language EE notebook.


Dimple Deshpande!

Highlights and Homework – 14/11/2017

Highlights and Homework – 14/11/2017

Dear Parents,


Students were introduced to the term survey through whole class discussion. Later, they did a sorting activity in groups to revise the types of questions.


Students were introduced to ‘Limerick – a humorous five-line poem with a rhyme scheme a-a-b-b-a‘. Later, the teacher modeling session of creating a limerick was conducted.

[Circle Time]

Children’s Day was celebrated with the students.



Students have to do the following:

  1. Read the handout on different types of questions given to them.
  2. Answer the following questions in their Math notebook:
  • Have you filled any survey/questionnaire?
  • If yes, for which situation (purpose)?
  • Have you conducted any survey?
  • If yes, for which situation(purpose)?

Pinky Shah